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Cat/Kitty Interaction

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Two days ago we adopted an 8 week old kitten into our family. Starbella formerly the youngest cat in the household hissed at the new kitty once, and then took to her instantly. She loves on her, licks her and sleeps with the new kitty.. Every once in a while though it looks like she is trying to bite the new kitty on the head. I can't tell if she's trying to pick the kitty up by the scruff of the neck or if she's really trying to bite her. Either way it looks pretty scary to me.. Does anyone know what this behavior is? What should I do about it?
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Your kitty should be vet checked before putting her with any other resident kitty. You didn't mention a vet visit so thought I would mention it. Until she is spayed, she will more than likely show dominant behavior. Hopefully your other cat is also spayed. It is always a good idea to separate newcomers from the resident cats for at least a week if not longer and let them come together gradually-

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