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? How to cook steak????

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I have never cooked a steak and I wanted to try my hubby is laughing saying I can't! We have dinner and a movie riding on this! Any suggestions? Also when I go to the store (don't laugh) what kind do I buy?
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IMO, Ribeye is a good tender cut, just be sure to get a lot a marbling. New York is considered a more "flavorful" piece of meat. If I'm cooking on the grill (charcoal) I like New York.

Personally, I just season both sides of the meat with Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and sometimes a little cumen.

Cook at a relatively high temp and watch for flare ups.
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I personally like T-Bones,NY Strips, and Filet Mengions(sp?). T-bones make a nice thick steak. Filet Mengions are really juicy and full of flavor. First thing's first though, you've gotta marinate those babies!!! I get some nice cuts from the local meat market (they're usually cheaper than the grocery store too, and the quality is much better). Then i marinate them at least 2 days before i want to cook them (if you don't have time, a few hours will do.) Depending on what i have in my kitchen at the time, i usually use a combination of the following(but not all at once....it just depends on what i have in my kitchen at the time): Terriaki sauce, Soy sauce, sea salt, peper, meat tenderizer( can be used instead of salt, but just a pinch if you marinate it a few days in advance). Sweet Chilie Sauce (can be purchased at a local asian market for around $4), a pinch of garlic powder, a pinch of spices....whatever i have at the time....rosemary, parsley, cilantro...., beer or wine- just a pinch, orange juice give a nice flavor too, any combination of these should make for an excellent steak...it's not a bad idea to mix a tiny bit of each that sounds good to you in a little bowl and taste it before you marinate your steaks, that way you know what to expect when they're done. Then pour the marinade into a tupperware container, add the steaks, pour more marinade over them and then put them in the fridge to marinate until you're ready to cook them. There are several different ways to cook a steak- the best is on a grill! (The key to cooking on a grill is to make sure they don't stick and to rotate them every few minutes so both sides are even ( i like mine medium well). The new "Pam" for grilling works very well. you spray it on the grill before you get started (and please, before you light it!!!) . Remember, a little goes a Long way. It helps to have a pair of grilling tongs to rotate the steaks with. If you don't have a grill and you want to make steaks inside, you need to broil them in the oven. Good luck, if you need any more help let me know. I hope you win the bet with your husband!!! Happy Grilling!
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If you're cooking indoors, best to use a cast-iron pan. They can be hard to navigate if you're not used to it, but they make GREAT results.

If you don't have any meat tenderizer, try marinating in a splash of balsamic vinegar. It'll soften the meat and give a little flavor in the process.

I personally favor NY Strip steaks for cooking at home. They're not so expensive as a filet, but are much tastier than sirloins. Rib eyes are good, but fattier (and therefore saltier, which I don't like). I've never had a Tbone, so I can't comment on that.

Good luck to you!
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Whatever kind of steak you buy (I like london broil), I would recommend using the broiler in the oven. Grilling can be more work and messier. Also I would buy a meat tenderizer, they really help. Good luck!
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I'd suggest asking the butcher which cut to purchase and how to cook it.

DH makes great steaks by spreading one side with butter (yes, BUTTER), then garlic, pepper and salt, and he fries the steak! Turns out great every time. I like using a marinade, check in the spice aisle for a marinate that sounds yummy. I use a teriyaki one, or one labeled steak and chop. Then I put the steaks in a large ziploc and pour in some marinade and let them sit in the fridge for an hour or two before grilling. Then I start my gas grill on high heat, so it is really hot (and leaves nice grill marks on the steak!). I turn it down to low-medium before putting the steaks on.

Your goal, whether frying, broiling, or grilling is to get the outside nicely browned, while keeping the inside pink. If you cook it all the way through it will be tough! Go ahead and cut into one of the steaks to see how pink it is, and either flip it, or give it more time. You only want to flip once. Meat should not be flipped multiple times.

You can do it!

I disagree with Jenny...to me the broiler is messier because you have a pan to clean when you are done. With the grill, you just burn off the mess! And I thought london broil was a tough cut of meat. I could be wrong...check with the butcher. Since you are new at cooking steak, you definitely want to start with a tender cut!
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Check out this thread for some other ideas we were posting about yesterday... and remember practice makes perfect!

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The steak I grill out the most is tenderloin. It is pretty inexpensive $4.99/lb when compared to ribeyes or the new York Strip. I do like to marinade any steak for tenderness and more flavor.
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My hubby swears by ribeyes. If you are worried about seasoning try Stubbs for beef. Everyone that has ever eaten steak at our house always ask's what he used.
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My dad was a butcher and I grew up in Chicago. His recommended favorite was a good porterhouse - half of it is a filet mignon and the other half is a strip steak. You get the best of 2 worlds. In nothern climates where cows are mostly corn fed, you never need to marinate steaks - they are more tender than steaks from southern raised grass fed cows. When I lived in the south, we had to marinade the steaks to make them tender enough to enjoy. Nothing wrong with either method (north or south), just different from each other.
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