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Birthday Present Ideas for My Boyfriend???

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Hi everyone, i have a little favor to ask of you. I need help picking out a nice (reasonably priced) present for my boyfriend. We both have the same birthday (yah, we're weirdo's but it's cute) ....July 29th. Right now i'm thinking about getting him a monogrammed steak brand. We're both avid grillers and love to cook out. He has my family and I over to his house a ton during the summer for cookouts, so it seems like a good idea. I'm definitely open to comments and suggestions. My price range since i'm a little low on funds is under $100.00. Also he's not a big sports fan, so nothing in that department would be a good match for him. He's a navy man ( just got out in dec. after 8 yrs.) and now he's a police officer. He likes manly things...nothing girly. He's a huge Home Depot fan (but last yr i got him a gift card for his b-day, so i don't wanna do that again). His Christmas present was a Router from H.D. so i'd like to try and get him something more origional this time. Ya'll know how hard guys are to shop for! Lol Gees, and they think we're hard to shop for....i'd be happy with an engagement ring . lol so once again, please help! I have a little over a month to get come up with a good present for him. Thankyou!! I'm adding the links to two of the steak brands i thought about getting him. Please tell me what you think. I'm definitely open to suggestion. Maybe your S.O's would have suggestions too.

Here's the first steak brand i looked at.

Here's the other one i looked at. I think i like this steak brand best.
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This is what I am getting hubby for his birthday:

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Does he have a nice watch? That might be an idea- I know what you mean about guys being hard to buy for though
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Cologne is always a good thing to get for a guy(unless he bathes in it like some guys I know!!). Lee loves getting a new bottle of fancy cologne.
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I got mine one of those Leatherman all purpose tools a few years ago, and he still carries it every day. Gerber makes a good one also, and the price depends on how fancy and how many tools it has on it. Gerber makes a high quality similar one, and I got their top of the line on at Wal-Mart for around $79.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Cologne is always a good thing to get for a guy(unless he bathes in it like some guys I know!!). Lee loves getting a new bottle of fancy cologne.

Last year for Christmas I got John a fancy bottle of Very Sexy for Men cologne from Victoria Secret - he loved it!

This year for his birthday I got him a promise ring - and some stuff from the Harley Davidson shop that he wanted for his bike.

Good luck finding something!
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I think the steak brand is a good idea.

Jerry's birthday is Saturday, and I got him a desk set that has engraved on the stand his rank and name with the fire dept. I think he'll like it. Plus I stuck $50 in an envelope. I would get him a Lowes or Home Depot card, but this way he can spend it on whatever he wants......
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For my bridal shower we got this really cool grill set gift. It was the rack for shish-ca-bobs with all the skewers, this grill top frying pan with holes for veggies, an awesome grill utensil set (spatula, tongs, wire brush), emeril's steak marinades, corn cob holders, a stick butter dispenser for buttering corn on the cob, a cool grilling cook book, a "grill master" apron, and it was in a basket that you can put on your picnic table for place settings. When hubby (then fiance) was bringing in all the loot he was like "cool!!! something for me!!!!".
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The steak brand is the best idea I've heard yet. That will definitely be on my Father's Day shopping list for next year!
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Thankyou for all of the lovely ideas eveyone! I appreciate them! I really liked the ideas of going to the Harley Davidson shop and also the one with all of the grilling items. Those sound like a good fit for him . He's not too crazy about cologne of yummy smelling shaving creams and aftershaves (although i am! I love it when he wears the cologne i got him (lol which is hardley ever!) So i don't think i'll be getting him any cologne or face products, but i definitely appreciate the suggestions! I bet they smell good! He has a watch that he's pretty attached to right now, so i don't think he'd want to wear a different one lol...men, and they think we're picky! I love the ideas for the desktop set (maybe i could have his military status or his new police thing engraved on it?) and the leatherman thing sounds like a good idea too! Is it similar to a pocket knife set? I'm going to google it and look it up. Thankyou everyone for all of the great ideas! I appreciate it!
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