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*new on forums* need help with kitten not eating

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hey everyone,

I am new on the forums and this is my first post here. I just got a kitten today at about 3pm (central) and since I have gotten her, she hasn't eaten!! My friend said she ate on the way home and she had a slurp of water when she got here. But nothing otherwise. I got her some soft food and some good hard food like purina cat food, and she wont eat any of it. I am scared that I will wake up and shes like dead on the floor. She's 9 weeks. Is the reason why shes not eating is because she is nervous or something? Someone help!
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Heres some pictures of her. Her name is Ivy

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Since she ate some early today and she did drink I would give her until tommorrow. Cats are easily stressed by change. If she still isn't eating tommorrow than I would give your vet a call.
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Ivy is beautiful

She's probably stressed from going to her new home, also you could ask what they were feeding where you got her from so she's used to the food.
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Try a little tuna juice in her wet food, from canned tuna with water not oil. Or put some wet food on your finger and see if she will lick it and then lead her to the bowl. I don;t know, give it until tomorrow. Are you keeping her in a small room where her food is right close by?

It is usually a good idea to take a new kitten to the vet when you just get it either just for a check up or for vaccinations, testing and worming if she hasn't had those yet. So ask when you take her in for sure. Usualy good to do within the first 5 days. Especially if you have other cats (that way you can even schedule her spay appointment since it can be done as young as 2.5-3 months.
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I would hold off on the tuna juice because of the sodium content and instead buy some KMR mix that up with hot tap water but not to hot and see if she will lap it out of a jar lid. Also, gently run your finger under her nostrils to see if she has any hard crusty discharge buildup, if she does, take a warm damp cloth and gently scrape the discharge away.
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ha, I got it all I needed to do was warm up the food. She chowed down on it after that. I think she likes it warm because she was just weaned. Thanks for all the quick replys. BTW I am taking her to get her shots tommorow and I will ask about it then. Thanks all
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Welcome to TCS. Ivy is just beautiful. She is still young to be away from her mom so I am sure the eating thing was a bit of stress and her not getting the exact food she was used to. I am glad you got it sorted. Good vibes for hte vet visit!
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Welcome! What a beautiful baby you have! I'm glad you were finally able to get her to eat. I guess warming the food does make sense, but I didn't even think of it. lol

Just keep in mind that every cat has their own tastes, just like us. For instance, my cat will not touch or go near anything with any type of fish in it (and that includes tuna). LOL
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Awww Ivy is adorable! Good luck with your new kitty, and welcome to the forum!
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When we got our kittens, they barely ate anything the first day they were home. It took a couple of days for them to start eating normally.
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She's going to be spoiled. I can tell. And Ivy is georgeous...

Good luck with your baby.... They are so sweet.
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