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My 8-Bit goes insane every time we bring home bread. Tonight he got so bold as to steal some off of our plates. Is bread bad for him? Does anyone know what he might be missing in his diet?
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It's likely he just thinks bread is yummy... my cat loves bread... pretty much anything I am eating hehehe.

Anyway... giving him a piece of bread as a snack isn't a big deal, I wouldn't give your cat an entire loaf, but a little piece here and there isn't going to be a problem.
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Thanks so much. You should have seen him running away with a chunck of bread in his mouth. He just was trying to find a quiet place to go and eat it!
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Mine will often pull a loaf off the counter if I leave it out. I find it on the floor with chunks pulled out. I guess they like something about bread - both brown and white seem to be acceptable!
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Yeah Simon actually pulled a piece of bread out of the toaster one time
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Bread in moderation is fine! In excess, it can lead to an overweight kitty!
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My Jack loves any kind of pastry---bread, donuts, cake, pie crust, even the edges from a Pop-Tart (he doesn't like the fruit middle). I throw bread out for the birds, and there's a stray that comes around and eats it. I guess some cats just crave those carbs!
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two days I discovered Abi LOVES french toastl. she was sitting on my lap while I was eating a leftover piece -- she has never tried to eat my food - when she sniffed it and then took a huge chunk. it was hysterical.
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Well this is a new one to me. I'll have to see if my kitty likes bread too. If so, might be a nice small treat for when he has to take his meds.
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Billy only thinks he likes bread. He once snuck up, stole a huge chunk of the piece of bread I was eating, backed up on the bed, then spit it all back out!
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