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Pillow theives!

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I have one of those neck support foam rubber pillows and I just love it. So does Leo. The litle stinker will push me right off of it. He likes the dip in the middle. I woke up 3 nights in a row with him sleeping on it with all 4 paws up against the wall, where he has pushed me off in my sleep. If I raise my head to look at him, he gives me the cute head tilt look, and he gets to keep the pillow. I did get a nice scalp massage from him, though. He sleeps there most of the day, but if he gets up, Fred runs in and takes it. No one moves Fred, so Leo just sits and looks at him, then at me, like "do something, mom!". My bed never gets made, because kitties are alwas in it!
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We are such suckers for a well tuned purr! When my Siamese had kittens, I could not move, because there was a kitten on my feet, behind my knees, on my pillow, and usually one lying on my stomach. We are so intimidated by these furry purrers!
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Many a night I would wake up wearing a "cat hat", as Moogie had decided to share my pillow by curving her body around my head - this would be after she had gotten fed up of being clutched like a teddy-bear by my partner
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Oh Flimflam !!!!! We want a picture of that !!!!!!!!!!!
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Almost every night during winter my kitties would practically lay on top of my head so they could share my pillow. A few times I got paws stuck in my face and loud purrs in my ear that woke me up. :laughing: I never could move them off my bed though.
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