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My funny cat!

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My daughter is my cat's human. Last night, when her boyfriend came to pick her up, ( tigger hates him) she of course got mad when they left. As I walked to the dorr to see them off, She bit me! Drew blood! I look like I have a vampire bite on my leg! She knew it was wrong, cause she immediately hid, but my first response was to swat her. So now how can I make it up to her without her thinking it is alright to bite?
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Tigger - I talk to my kitties all the time. Just tell her how sorry you are and that you just reacted.
I might watch her very closly the next time the BF comes to pick up your daughter!

Your fur babe sure does not like that boyfriend! Maybe with good cause?? (no disrespect meant by that)
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thanks, but he started harassing her when he came over the first time. He is a good kid other than being afraid of my cat...
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Ah - that explains it - she feel that he is afraid of her !!!
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Yes, he is afraid of her! He has tried to pet her, but when she hisses at him, he pulls away and stops. She was supposed to be Megan's cat, and leave with her when she goes, but his and my husbands response to that was BULL SH--!!! I could never let her go anyway, but this will make it so much easier to convince Meg to let her stay!
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What a dilemna. Sounds like your/Megan's furbaby and the BF got off on the wrong foot. I tend to agree with you keeping your Tigger but that seems so unfair to Megan, if it's her cat.

I'm thankful I don't have to make that decision.
Good luck.

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