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I am the Mom of Deanna. I got her at 11 1/2 years old. I was house sitting this past winter and we got very close. She was not a very friendly cat at all. There would be no way to get near her with out her Hissing and throwing a fit, scratching and meowing. I made a point of picking her up and talking to her and getting her food and making sure she ate. Then on one of the cat hunt days, I could not find Deanna. I only found the other 2 cats. I eventually figured out she was hidding underneath the house where it was impossible for a human to get under there to rescue her.

One day I caught her under the stairs and I caught her as she fought me and howled and so on. she had snot stuck to her nose and did not appear to be healthy. I nursed her back to health and saved her life. I hand fed her everyday and held her and cuddled her and spent all my time with her.

When it came time to leave, I cried and cried and got extremely depressed and down because I could not imagine life with out her and I could not imagine her with out me. She come from a very well off home where they provided good for the cats. There were 8 of them at one time and now it was down to 3 of them. They did not get the proper love and care they all needed. And when I came along, they got it all the the time, love, care and even groomed and played with. I would carry my favorite one around with me everywhere as I did laundry or got her food ready and we would lay and watch TV together or sit at the computer and type. I guess she loved sitting at the computer.

Approx 1 week later, it was time to cat sit again and spend time with my Sweetheart! I missed her so much, I cried and cried from the pit pf my stomache like a child wanting their Mommy. It came time to leave her was close to Easter and I bought her a stuffed bunny and put it in her little cat hut that she slept in. It was like she would wait for me to come back in there as well. Some of the last 2 byes to eachother I cried and cried. She also new something was up and did not want me to go, never experienced this before.

About another week later, the owner's asked if I was serious about taking her and my best friend went and picked her up and we were re united. I have her now and I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I do not know what I would do with out her. I know she is 11 1/2 years old. It is very hard for me to accept that she is older and I dread that day. I promise dher I would give her the best rest of her days. We have our own place and she seems happy.

She has been to the Vet 2 times with me. She had an abssess tooth that came out in the Vet's hand. She was put on anti biotics and then she went back and was put on prednizone 5 mg. Her mouth is still smelly and I do not know why to this day. I wanted the Vet to pull ALL her bad teeth and all her teeth to Prevent anything developing or getting worse. Does anyone know what this could be from - why her mouth smells not so good? Her saliva?

I have her on Fancy Feast and she does eat some dry cat food, Purina and Fancy Feast. She does have a hard time chewing her food. I do have to feed it ti her in a DEEP Dish other wise she gets it all over and all over herself.

As far as things we do together, we go for walks to the park > I wrap her in a fuzzy blanket and put her in a back pack and she loves it. We also go for car rides and she does come to the store with me sometimes. I have boughten her many htings from new warm fuzzy blankets to toys to baskets and even a pet cat tent! She does not seem to play very much on her own. She loves the feather on the end of the elastic string. She loves to sit in the window and watch for hours. In the night times, she comes to me for some love and I pet her and giver her all the love she wants until she decides she has had enough or I am falling back asleep (usually it is her having enough).

So this is Deanna My Sweetheart and I LOVE HER so very much and I will do anything in my power to care and love her everday. I have Never been so attached to a cat as I have with her!

Thanks for reading.
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Welcome to TCS!! It sounds like Deanna could probably benefit from a teeth cleaning at the vets. At her age though, she may already have gum disease and that could be the reason her breath smells so bad.

I look forward to seeing pictures of your little lady.
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Yes pics will be up soon. Thanks for responding to my post!
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Deanna and you sound like you were meant for eachother. As far as her mouth goes, you will just need to keep working with your vet on what is best for her.

Welcome to the site
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Hello, my name is John. Welcome to you and Deanna
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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to the cat site! See you on the forums!!!
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Well I took my Deanna to the Vet on Friday and she has had 2 abstractions from her left bottom part of her mouth. She is recovering A OKAY! I have spent lots of time laying with her and loving her through this. Her mouth is no longer smelly and she seems to be happier. It was definitely strange to see my girl like that when I went to pivk her up from the Vet - her eyes were all weird and she could not stand or jump and was all out of it on Morphine.

I stayed with Deanna at the Vet right until they gave her the "funny juice" and I stayed there talking to her and telling her that I love her and she will be fine and feel better after this terrible experience is done with. I do not care what people think of me (as far as staying at the Vet and talking to her while the "funny juice" kicked in, that I did not just wanna drop her off and take off. I love her and I really care for her ALOT and she is mine and my responsibility, kid like, I know she is not human but she still DESERVES to be treated THE BEST possible!

I am curious >>>A friend of mine mentioned that people "clone" their animals - is this true? Can this really be done? Anyone hear of such a thing? I imagine that must be a pricy thing to get done. I would love to have Deanna Cloned - i cannot imagine life with out her and I do not want to live life with out her. Anyway...that is all for now.

I will up load a pic soon as I figure out how to do it again.
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Welcome to you and your precious litte love! Special snuggles to you, Deanna, as you recover from your big procedure, and hugs to your Mom for taking such wonderful care of you!
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I dont think its true that people clone their pets ..... you sound like you have found your soul mate in Deanna and that you take care of her very well !! Just enjoy her as long as you have her.

If you go to, you can register free, upload your pictures there, then come back and post them here ......
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How does a person Up load a pic of their cat??? I can't seem to figure it out...I will try again.
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Okay I am trying again - not sure why this is not working...
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Did you upload the pictures to first ?
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I have some on photobucket but not the ones I really like yet. Do they have to go to photobucket first? I will try the one I had from photobucket and see what happens, Thanks you guys and gals
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It has to be on photobucket or something similar to ...... u cant just paste directly from your drive on here ......... so try to upload the pics you like to photobucket.
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This is the way I add from photobucket altho Ive seen some people describe differently ..... just copy the top line underneath the pic and paste it in the yellow box top right that says "insert image" when you scroll your mouse over.
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Awww I see her now !!!! long haired beauty !!!! Maybe one of the mods can help you re size the pic....
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Look at sweet Deanna sleeping her basket !!!! That is so sweet of you to take a cat 11 1/2 years old and give her so much love !!!! Somethings are just meant to be
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LOL that is really my name deanna
friend s all call me dee
Sounds like you have a nice cat!
I have 3 and 2 kittens 4 weeks old
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