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What do I do?? Need advice this instant!!

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There is a cat on my balcony looking in at me and I'm on the 7th floor!!!

Where the heck did he come from? I don't want him to fall off the balcony...what should I do..Trout is hissing like crazy!!!

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Take him in ASAP. He probably jumped out from the 8th floor.
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OHMIGOSH!! How did he get up there???? If I were you, I would lock up Trout in the bedroom & try to coax the stranger inside, and ask the building manager if they have a clue where the other cat belongs.
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Does he appear injured? Is he eating and drinking? Can you put him in a carrier or is he unsocialized? Is there a tree near your balcony- he could have climbed up to your level instead of falling off
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I would do one of the following:

Don't scare him whatever you do!!!!!! approach him/her carefully and sit down on the deck but don't make eye contact. Let him come to you.


Nab him and take him inside. THat's a far ways to fall.
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He is gone now, when I went to type that up he disappeared..I think he lives next door and maybe jumped across from the other balcony. They are connected..Who the heck lets their cat onto a balcony unsupervised???

I hope he didn't fall...dear god. I think he just went back home next door.
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Gosh-I hope he didnt fall!! Thats stupid to let a cat out up on the 7th floor(unsupervised) goodness.....let us know if you see the kitty again.
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Well right now Pandora keeps trying to jolt out the side door her onto the balcony/porch of this house (lots of moths and such she wants to chase)...course I scoot her back inside, so maybe it was unintentional of the owner.....cats can be quick little buggers.
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Why don't you go next door and ask them if it is their cat and let them know it was outside on your balcony. Tell them something along the lines of next time if he gets out and comes to your balcony you will bring him in since "i'm sure you wouldn't want him out there unsupervised". Say something like that, not rude or anything, maybe they didnt realize he was out.
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So did you find out if the kitty was from next door or not???
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NO I still don't know where he came from.. He was a big beautiful ginger kitty and looked very sweet and well fed and healthy. The guy that lives next door to us is a creep, so I don't want to go over and ask him. I know he has cats because everyeim you walk by his apartment, all you smell is dirty cat litter smell...ALL THE WAY OUT IN THE HALLWAY you can smell his cat litter. It reaks up the whole floor.

Hmmm, do you guys think I should contact the HS to let them know about his stinky stinky place and that his cat was on my balcony 7 floors up.

I'm thinking, if you can smell the litter outside of his place, then how good of care can he be taking with the cats? Not to mention he lets them on the balcony unsupervised...

Oh yeah, and I didn't mention this before but while the orange guy was looking in at me, I kept hearing this really pathetic meow and I think it was coming from his brother kitty that I think lives next door with him..I don't know where those meows were coming from.
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