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Ferrets & Cats!!??

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Does anyone keep ferrets and cats together?? I have ferrets and i am planning on adding a cat and was wondering if they would be okay together?? Or does it just depend on the cat and/or ferrets?? Thank You
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Cats will sometimes kill roddents (i've seen them kill rabbits) but it depends on the cat. You'd HAVE to get a kitten. I knew a few cats who lived with a raccoon and they got along.
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Ferrets arent rodents!! They have canine teeth as big as a cat and i couldnt get a young kitten cause ferrets can sometimes kill the kittens!!
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I think it would depend on the cat and the ferret. I know with my motley crew a ferret would be looked at as a toy and fair game.

How old is your ferret?
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I have heard (and personally known a few) of LOTS of cats and ferrets that lived with and loved each other VERY much. I think it's a great idea!
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est. 4 years old! I adopted him and he is great and layed back and wouldnt bother the cat but if a kitten wanted to play with him i bet he would rough house with it!!
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My ferret absolutely loves my two cats. The play wrestle just like kittens. The ferret is tiny (about two pounds) but holds her own just fine with the cats; she's usually the winner. The also cuddle and groom each other. She does however hate my small dog with a passion; they cannot be in the same room together because she attacks the dog.
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oh sorry, i didnt realize ferrets were indeed not rodents. (I just did a little research.) If you get an adult cat i assume it wouldnt like the ferret unless it was raised with ferrets or a variety of other animals. It just seems like it'd be hard to introduce them. but i have never kept cats with other animals. My cats always hate other animals. I try to let her se the dogs but they scare her. They dont like her and they growl so thats out of the question.
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I know this post is a few days old but I just wanted to add that we had 3 adult cats and received a very old but still playful ferret who all played happily together. Well sort of, the ferret tried hard to get the cats to play but usually the cats just looked at him like "What are you and what do you want??" But I occationally caught them playing together. Only had the ferret for a little while though because he had, what's it called that ferrets cat a lot? He went stiff and had seizures and screamed on and off and then died a few days later.
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I'm surprised at the numbers of cats that get along with ferrets! I've got two ferrets - one's 5 and one's 6. The cats get very, very rough with them after they've been out together for a while. One upside is that ferrets have very thick skin, so there isn't a strong likelihood of them being punctured with a claw or tooth. But a cat could sure break their necks.
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