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A new sibling for Jezzie- Need Input!

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I was called very early this morning by the leader of compassion in action. Some one found a 4 week old kitten who really needs a mommy. And taz is the only cat she could think of who still has milk in her boobs. SOOO i got a call early, thankfully i was up. And talked to her then the girl who was the kit. Who apperently does have teeth buds, but lacks all kitten like mannerisms. Anyway shes going to bring the kitten over to meet taz and Jezabel. So any ideas on how to introduce them so that taz will have an easy time with the idea of nursing this lil baby who needs her? She does still let Jezzie nurse too once in a while.
How can i help taz build up her milk supply. Is it like humans, supply and demand kinda thing? or will this even work? Because i do have KMR and bottles and syringes, if i have to ill feed the kit that way, and at least jumper ( the babies tenative name) will have access to a mam cat and a sister. so he/she ( needs to be sexed) Will learn kitty things, and the litter box and whatnot.

Anyone done this situation before? any input? thank you so much!
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I agree. I would separate them now, and keep her separate. When I first got Garfield, he brought distemper with him and infected Festus' litter! Always better to be safe than sorry.

I'm glad Jumper is 6 weeks, so able to eat solids. Best of luck.
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i would keep them seperate too in case the kitten is sick, whereas he would give it to mom....
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Any updates on Jumper?
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Any updates on Jumper?
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Jumper is doing ok, shes very skittish, very afraid of everyone, she hisses whenever anyone comes near her, me included. But i can pick her up, hissing and all, and she will cuddle and purr. Taz isnt too fond of her still. but Jezzie is in love!
They play all the time. Other then having worms shes all clean, bein checked out by a vet before she came here. Ill be worming her Jezzie and Taz at the end of our time together, to be sure shes old enough.

I think the soft food that her owner brought with her is the cause of the runny poos though. So im trying to cut that out. Jumper eats hard food just fine.

Thanks for the concern everyone
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I'm glad things are working out ok. Hopefully her time with you will help teach her not to be so skittish! Just keep loving on her!
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