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I'm scared of grasshoppers, very small spaces, needles... but mostly, I'm scared that something might happen to my stepson and I'll be unable to stop it.

Two summers ago, there was a car accident in front of our house, and one of the cars was pushed up into our yard. It nicked the front of our house before coming to a stop. I saw it happening - I heard the squealing tires and looked out the upstairs window - and for that split second, I couldn't remember where my son was. He'd asked to go outside, and I couldn't remember if I'd said yes or no. I screamed for him, and he came out of his bedroom. Thank goodness.

Ever since then, I've been nervous about it all. Ugh!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass
Clowns they are creepy, and I always feel like they have something to hide.
Me, TOO! And the same for my kids & friends!! In fact, many years ago, my Brownie Scout troop was on the Bozo the Clown show & the clown asked me if I liked school & I said yes; then he asked if I liked homework, and I said yes (hey, it got me from doing extra chores, my parents believed in a very strong work ethic), so when he asked me what was it I didn't like, I almost shouted, "CLOWNS!!" I remember the cameraman laughing.
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Yicks! Here you can't run any lights, even with your lights and sirens on, unless your actually in the fire truck or ambulance, but then you still have to pause at the intersection. Cops will and most definitely do pull over volunteers as they are making their way to the station for a call. Heck, one of their fire trucks has been pulled over on the way to a fully involved fire. I've heard of ambulances getting pulled over in town as well, on the way to the hospital!! If DH's tones go off while I'm in the car with him he just drives fast.

What I think it scary is when I see an ambulance or fire truck driving against traffic (which is often the only way people will give them right of way). My husband just shrugs and says he does it all the time!!
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