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Anyone feed Nutro Indoor

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I recently switched from Nutro Natural weight management to Nutro Natrual Indoor formula weight management. Now the last coupld days I've noticed that my cats aren't eating as much as they used to, but it's especially true for Jordan. I'm curious to know if the Indoor formula has enough fiber to make a huge differnce, or if perhaps the don't like it & I should switch back?
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You might need to ease them into the new food. I've heard that can help quite a bit.
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Try it for a few more days ... The regular Natural Choice is tastier to some than the indoor... truefully there is little differece in % and I prefer the regular
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The Natural Choice Indoor kitten food I tried allowed me to not scoop the litterbox for two weeks. That was awesome. A bit pricey, though.
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I feed Nutro Indoor formula, and have never had any problems with it. My cats like it and I have been using it for a couple of years now.
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I just recently started Kitters on it and noticed she didn't eat as much as she normally does but I noticed she still ate at the times she normally would as we have her free feed. But one major thing I noticed with her was that she had TONS and TONS of energy. She has been in like psychotic kitten mode since then. I think she really likes it!
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I stoped at the pet store & bought a small bag of another food I know that they like & I mixed the food 1/2 Nutro indor & 1/2 of the other stuff. They all ate much bettter so I think they really don't like it. I'm just supprised because they ate it just fine for 3 weeks. I guess once this bag is gone (just bought it on Monday) I'll go back to the regular Nutro Natural.
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Twitch ate the indoor just fine for about a month, & then quit eating it. She prefers the "normal" Nutro over the Indoor.
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I have recently switched my crew to Complete Care Indoor by Nutro. The cats all seem to like it.

I priced all different brands and they were all priced the same down to the pennies at Petsmart. I buy the great big bags. The only ones more expensive where the brands prescribed by the vet only.

The only change I have noticed is that when I go to clean litter boxes they don't smell as bad.
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Mine are on Nutro Indoor wet food. They love it! Won't eat anything else. I ran out one day and tried to give them a leftover can of Mother Hubbard- if looks could kill!

Such spoiled brats. But look how cute they are
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