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Your Favorite Cat Books

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I just bought a book for my daughter(for her brthday which is this coming sunday) that had me in stitches the whole time i was reading it. it is called "How to live with aneurotic cat" by Stephen Baker... has anyone read it? what are your favorite cat books?
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I can't remember what it's called, but it's the book made by the guy who does the www.mycathatesyou.com site.
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I always like reading "the 3 Little Kittens" to jazz when she was little... I'd always do different voices, with a real high pitched sugary sweet voice for the mother cat that says "you've lost your mittens you naughty kittens, no you shall have no pie!"
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I really liked the book Angel Cats. Bad Cat was funny, even though it isn't much of a "book".. just funny pictures with captions.
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The Cat in the Hat?

I'm not familiar with too many adult cat books..
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Samurai Cat
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I read some cat pshycology book.. but I don't remember what it's called.. lol.

But I love the Warriors series by Erin Hunter
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I LOVE "Cat Confidential - the book your cat wants you to read". It is well-written, and very astute. One of my favorite tips was regarding cat-bullies & how to stop them from terrorizing the other household cats - supply food, water & litter boxes at various locations, thus preventing the infamous "ambush at the fooddish/litter box" (it's alot like the tiger & cougar method of "ambush at the local waterhole")
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"All my patients are under the bed" by Dr. Frank Camuti. He was a vet in NYC that did home visits, primarily treating cats. He practiced I think from WW1 until he passed away in 1980 I think.
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