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The joy of cats

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My mother often says that the real joy in life comes from small things. I wanted to start a thread about what the small joys that your babies bring to you through out the day.

When I come home from work, shopping, taking out the garbage ect... 8-Bit will dash out the door and roll onto his back. It's like he's welcoming me home after a long day's work. It makes me smile every time, even if I've had the worst day of my life.

Scratch will jump onto the bed when I am sleeping and curl up next to me and purr. I love this because he was taken back to the shelter twice, because he was a "shy" cat.
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Lily and Tolly always sit on the kitchen windowsill watching us as we leave(that makes me feel really guilty ) then they are there to greet us when we get back - they know the sound of the car . Lily wanders back and forth across the windowsill, miaowing and rubbing her head against the window

Felicity always comes running along the path when we come home. Tippy and Addie are always somewhere around to meet us.

Then, Lily and Tolly crawl up to bed with us at night and keep us warm by snuggling against our legs all night long

If I have to stay away during the week, I am going to miss my little furry babies so much
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There are so many things she does that makes me just melt! She does the same thing following me to the door when I leave and rolling onto her back with this adorable little "pweeez don't weeev Meowmy" look on her face. I also get the same thing when I go home. Usually I'm racing into the bathroom to pee, she has to hop right up on my lap! "hi mommy don't forget about me, the center of your world!"

Yesterday, I was laying on my side with my knees together, she sits on my thigh, and starts play attacking my knee... it was so cute, she was trying to fit my whole knee in her mouth... then she licked it all better!

ahhhh, she makes me melt....
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Alex has the cutest sleeping positions! He'll lay on his side with his front paws together. He looks like he's praying. I love when he jumps on my lap and just sticks his face in my face, especially when his tongue is hanging halfway out of his mouth. He just looks at me like "Where ya' been all day?"
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I love the way Phenom chirps when I get home and runs for cuddles. I also love how she always seems to know when I am down and need extra attention from her!! I love my kitty!!
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My Speedboat will fight to get in my lap. When he decides to do it, he won't take no for an answer. My Muffin is the purringest cat I ever saw. He gives the best head butts in the world. I love 'em both, but I miss so much all the things Max used to do. It has been almost a year and I miss him more and more.
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I love that every night, Simon goes to bed with me and headbutts and rubs his face on me, then curls up as close as he can to me with his head on my shoulder to sleep I also love when I get home everyone is usually waiting right inside the door, of course that's mostly because I feed them their wet when I get home and then while I'm dishing up their dinner they "sing" to me. My new kittens have even gotten the routine down already, and they've only been with me since Saturday!
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I love the way when I'm sitting down with my laptop on the computer both Pandora and Peaches jump on my lap and lay down.
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Ginger always greets me at the front door, even if she was sleeping when I walked in. If I take too long getting in the door, she starts to meow for me. She never does this for my roomie, so I know it's me she loves the most!

In the mornings, she comes in for scritches and affection (she is NOT a cuddler or a lapcat, but loves to rub up against my fingers) before I start getting ready for my day - I've started looking forward to waking up just for the love I get from her!

I went away for three days this weekend, the longest I've been away since she came to live with me, and instead of being upset that I had been gone, she was MUCH more affectionate to me when I got home. She missed me! Awwww.....
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My kitties always greet me when I come home.

When I'm waking up in the morning, Trixie comes running in yipping with a toy, ready to play.

When I'm upset, my kitties are there for me to cuddle with and lay with.
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I now declare everybody should have five cats.
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Wonton's first priority is snuggling. I'm a night owl, but whenever i do go to bed, as soon as i get under the covers and get comfortable, here comes Wonton. He comes up and lays down by my tummy, grooms a bit, and goes to sleep. It's such a comforting feeling, going to sleep with a soft warm purry kitty snuggled up to you and he never fails-as soon as he sees that i'm going to sleep, he comes to join me.

He chases his own whiskers. i've heard of chasing tail before, but never seen this-he'll be sitting on my bed, and he'll lay his head down..and out of the corner of his eye, he'll see his whiskers move-and he'll turn his head really quick as if trying to catch them! which of course he cant, cos as he turns his head, the whiskers go with him. i always tell him "Wonton, those are your own whiskers!", but he doesn't seem to listen. It's cute, though.

The way if i haven't been home all day, he's SO excited to see me-trying to get up in my lap. Oh-and the way he asks for "up" like a baby. You know how a toddler will reach out their hands up to you when they want to be picked up? well Wonton does that. He'll stand on his hind feet and sort of reach to me with his front legs. When he does this i lean down and pick him up as if i would a baby, then put him on my shoulder and use one hand to support his feet, with the other round his middle, and he purrs and purrs..

He's a great kitty, he really is.
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Scratch has this toy that he will carry around the house. It came and went with him to and from all the homes he had before me. He won't give up this ugly little toy. I don't have the heart to throw it out, or even try to replace it. It's bright green, and he is jet black so it's cute seeing it in his mouth.
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Even though I hate getting woken up, I love when Emily wakes me up by sniffing my face. She looks so cute close up!
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Festie loves adventure. I think she would prefer to be an outside kitty so she could explore...but that is not an option for her! However, this morning she snuck into our storage room that is undergoing remodelling. It isn't unsafe, just a big mess. And she loves to go explore it! Initially I was annoyed with her...but when she came back with cobwebs on her whiskers she looked SO cute!

Then I was giving the kids new puzzles this morning, and as I was showing them to the kids, Garfield just kept rubbing and rubbing his face against them, as if to claim them as his! I told him he can't do a 60 piece puzzle because he doesn't have thumbs, but does he listen?!?

Gar also give kisses...he rubs his head or whiskers against my mouth. It is quite lovely to have him purposely come to me for love!
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Awww I love this thread.... I have been smiling the whole time reading up on all the adorable kitty sweetness....

LuckyGirl will perch on the back of the couch, and wait for you to come to her, then when you do, she reaches up to give you a kiss on the nose, and rubs her face into your face, then rubs her whole body against your face (purring the whole time)! It is like our little kitty cuddling session. I love doing this with her, cause this is the same kinda affection they show their momma cats, and that makes me feel so good inside! And I love watching her be this way with hubby too. It's so nice and refreshing to see the softer side of hubby that she brings out. He's always so masculine! And she turns him into mush!

She's also a talker. If you talk to her and ask her ?'s, she'll tilt her head to one side as if she was thinking about your ?, then answer you with a "Mrrrrraw" and I say "oh, really?" this banter back & forth would go on for hours if I kept talking to her...
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