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8 week old kittens (PICS!)

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Jada's kittens will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! They are so wild and crazy now and sound like little miniature horses racing and running through the house. Oh my gosh, they are just NUTS! LOL But we are loving it! Their new thing now is trying to CLIMB MY LEGS when I'm getting their food ready to eat. OUCH! I included a picture of the damage they've inflicted as well!

Here's Little Jada (gray female) who will be adopted by our vet's tech in a couple of weeks. Behind her his Juby Junior who we're keeping.

Here's the other Little Juby who had a home and now does not! The family who was going to adopt him has now backed out so we're looking for a new home for him. How can anyone pass up this face?

And finally, Miss Jasmine, who we're also keeping. She was the runt of the litter but the first to do everything. She's very very confident and loves to cuddle!! It's hard to get a good picture of her though because of her color and she never stops moving!! LOL

And here are my wounds.
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oh my goodness look at your you wernt kidding when you said they had been climbing.

They are beautiful. How could anyone not want to take one home.

Emma xx
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Wow!! Those are some wicked looking scratches. I can't believe it's been 2 months. They are so cute.
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Awww, Juby is just to cute, how could anyone not want him!...I'd take him but I have three of my own little ones ...Jada looks like my Lucky *grins*
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awww there so gorgeous and ouch tht looks sore on ur leg
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awww they are too cute!!!

My 10 week old babie is using me as a climbing post too.. it hurts!!
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They are gorgeous!
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Ah soooo cute - come on keep the little guy - what's one more
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Oh my gosh! I would so take the little Juby but Trav would definately KILL me I would love an orange kitty someday though
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They are soooo cute. I love the gray one. They make me want to adopt more kittens, but I already have 2 cats that are mine, plus in this house theres another cat and 2 dogs.
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I wish I was close by, I would take that little cutie in a heartbeat, even though I am at twice my limit.
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They are so lovely, very very pretty kitties

I feel for you with the scratches, my 10 week old baby does that to me too.
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aww they are so cute the first pics is adorable
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Thanks for all the replies everyone!

Guess what! The lady who is adopting Little Jada came by to visit her this weekend and has now decided to take Little Juby too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't be happier that they'll be leaving together! I'm so happy for them...... and for her. She can't hardly wait to take them home.
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Ooooh I almost screamed when I looked at the PC and those pics. Your little Jada looks exactly like my MaxSheba and so does the big one. The only difference is the pink marking along Big Jada's nose and that's it. Oooh I can't wait to get my digital camera. You all are going to be sick of the pics lol. They are georgous to pieces! And your leg ooh boy! lol
BTW what kind of cat is your Jada because I just have no idea what kind of cat I had. I didn't care she was just so cute lol
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Jada is a dilute tortie. She's very beautiful and unique looking. People always EWww and Aaahhhh over her when they see her. She's the smartest cat we own and has the most piercing mind reading eyes. We love her to death!
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Look at those sweet widdle faces! I already have 5 of my own to get homes for. Or I would seriously think about the little orange one, hes too cute!
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A dilute tortie? I have never heard of that but hey, lol I am not the expert at all. Well she does and I have been trying to find this link again forever to show someone else what my kitty baby looks like. How your your little ones any way?
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