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7 Weeks Old (PICS)

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The kittens will be 7 weeks old tomorow! They are doing so good.
Two kittens were playing this morning and then it sounded like they were fighting, is this normal in learning to play and stuff?

Here are some pictures...




This little guy(Cole) with the toy growls when any other kitten comes by, if he has a toy, is that normal?
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That's very normal for him to growl. He's telling them, this is my prey and to back off. I can't believe how much they have grown.
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Just wanted to add one more pic of the kittens cuddling...

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They are sooo cute, what lovely kittens.

I would say they are just asserting theit authority and learning as they play.
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that is so adorable!!!
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They are precious! I especially like the picture that looks like the kitty is touching his toes!
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They are so adorable, but how do you tell them apart? Ruby's 6 all have distinctive features, so its easy.
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They are just playing and learning how to be cats and about being top cat or lesser. As long as they are not really physically fighting, don't worry. Its a crutical time in development with siblings and with other cats - let the older cats teach them too.

BTW I hope you are clipping nails - my one RB almost lost his eye due to kitten playing when he got scratched by his brother in wrestling. Ever since that time, I've cut kits nails from the time they are 4 weeks old!

Just from the pictures, I can see some differences in the shading of the coats (around the spine lines).
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So precious! Phoebe's eyes are so green!! Yeah, when Cole growls, he's saying back off! this is my catch!
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They are all so cute!! I want to take them all home!! I bet they are so daarling when they are playing together!!
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Thanks guys!

Yeah I tell them apart by the diifernt shades of colors in their coats, also a couple are very easy to tell apart, Paige is by far the darkest of all of them, and House has the best spots,and coloring for a Bengal. And Cole has a face that is much differnt then the others in shape. Also the runt is easy to spot since she is the smallest.
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OOooh my goodness. They are so georgeous! The look exactly like my cat Tiger (R.I.P.) Do you know what kind of cats they are because I never knew I just took him in and never really knew anything about him.
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Awww, they are all adorable!!!
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soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is so funny at how fast the grow and change each day huh! Their so cute! Enjoy them while their young!
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