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I just wanted to say HI to everyone! My name is Christie and I live in Utah. Originally I'm homegrown in Clearwater, FL. I'm 23 and I'm a full-time Office Manager and Student. I will be graduating in August with my BS in Psychology.

I have a 3-year-old tabby cat named Chloe. She is great! I found her living outside the drug treatment center I worked out of 3 years ago. She is a very timid and nervous cat around strangers, but wholly warms up around myself and my husband. She also senses good auras! She only presents herself to a few select individuals!!

I got married last July so you can view our pics at http://www.treasuredphoto.com/rackliffe.html.

PS-- How come under my name it says "Kitten"?? Can I change that?? I don't have a Kitten! ; )
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Welcome! Your title "kitten" means you're a new kid on the block. But we're happy to have you. Tell us more about your fur-baby.
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Welcome to the catsite!! It sounds like you have a full plate with school and work. What a difference...FL to Utah!
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