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Suckling Earlobes

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I've got two new sister kittens. They were BORN at the pound, and are such people-lovers. I'd say they are about 8-10 weeks old, and I've had them for about 3 weeks.
They have a habit of suckling on my earlobes. At first I thought it was the sweetest and cutest thing, but now they are getting a little relentless. My fiancee and I can't sleep because they start suckling and wake us up, and pushing them away just doesn't keep them off. As cute as it is, I'd like to break this habit. How do I go about getting my little cuties to stop suckling my ears? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Nejnai and welcome to the forums!

we were just talking about this type of behavior here :


Cat behaviorist Roger Tabor suggests that you don't let your kittens engage in earlobe sucking even when your awake. If they continue doing this during the night he says you can either shut the cat out of the bedroom or use taste aversion.

I guess, you need to put some bitter stuff on your earlobes before you go to bed... Try some anti-chew substance you can get at a pet store.
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