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Ahhhh moving house!

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Jeepers life hasn't been easy the last few months! Quit old job, found new job, got engaged (well, that part was good!) no time, no money and then our landlords (as some of you know) decided to sell our beautiful house as they have moved to Sydney for work and can't afford to maintain two mortgages. The way the market is in Perth at the moment I'm surprised anyone can afford to maintain ONE mortgage!!

So, the aforesaid market being what it is, Max and I can NO WAY afford to buy - our little two-bedroom duplex is going for nearly half a million bucks and we just don't have that kind of money. So it was back into the rental game, applications, searching, calling, looking `do you take pets' and no no NO usually being the case.

Anyway, finally got a lucky break and snagged the most beautiful place. Five bedrooms (including a small nook of a study), two bathrooms, airconditioned, heated, balcony, floorboards throughout, a park at the end of the street in a lovely location only a km from the river (massive rent increase but I guess that's life) and we are in the process of moving.

AND HOW IT BITES!!!! Ahhhh packing, cleaning, clearing out it's exhausting. To top it off we are both sick, the dogs have conjunctivitis, the cats are going nuts cos there's empty boxes everywhere we had to replace the entire back lawn because the dogs ate the one that was there, plus nearly all the plants out the back. We built a 15m fence to keep them off the new lawn and they keep trying to eat their way through it, and now our neighbours over the back fence tell us the perimeter fences are all being pulled down and replaced on Friday and we didn't know!!! What are we going to do with our animals???????

So, a little stressed at the moment!! You never realise how much rubbish you have until the time comes to put it all in boxes. And, typically for us, we've known for three weeks but did we get organised and start packing then? Nope, of course not!! Leave it till the last minute (because of course, if it wasn't for the last minute a lot of things wouldn't get done!). And the lady I work with has been sick all week so I've had a double load at the new job and I'm stuffed and more than a little stressed!!!

So I thought I'd jump on here for some much needed relief and say hello and tell you all how much I've missed you!

I'll post some pics of the new house soon it's gorgeous!!! Ah well, back to boxing up the kitchen!
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Oh goodness, Sarah, it's seriously all go for you right now, isn't it?!!

The new place sounds fantastic - really looking forward to seeing pictures! I hope you manage to get all the packing done quickly and you, Max and the doggies are all feeling better soon!

Sending many 'Get Well', 'Smooth Move' and 'Easy Work' }}}VIBES{{{ your way!
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Holy Moly that sounds stressful!!!

The new place sounds fabulous!!! Even though there are a few minor set backs, you will get it all worked out! Everything happens for a reason!

Best of Luck! Hope you feel better!!!
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I know, I'm moving across Europe in 3 weeks and I am surrounded by boxes that the cats love. They have ruined the one I was keeping for my computer! And I have thrown out so much and there still seems more. But I am sure we will all find it worth it in the end. Good vibes for you coming from me.
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That's it. I think we all need a official moving thread. there's a lot of us moving at the moment. It's soooo crazy. I hope you aren't so stressed and your move goes well!
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I feel your pain! We just got done moving...and we're still unpacking boxes and setting up our new place. Each time we move we pitch/donate more and more stuff...lol. Hang in there! Good luck with everything, hope your new place is great.
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Here's some pics of our new place!....

Front of the house

Master bedroom

Sunken lounge room

Family room


WOO HOO!! We love it and can't wait to be finally in there!
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Sarah, it looks fantastic! Definitely enough room for your furries to run around and play! I can just picture them sliding from room to room!
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Holy moly! What a busy time for you. Your new place looks fantastic. I love all the wood floors (hope the dogs don't love them too much)!
Moving is such a stressful time. We moved 2 months ago, and still haven't got our new place organized. Boxes and junk everywhere, bed's in the lounge 'cos we haven't redone the bedroom yet. I'm sure you guys will be settled into your new place soon. Good luck moving all the kitties!
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What a busy busy time you've had latley!!, I'm glad to hear that you did find a new place....and it's lovely by the way!
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