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does your kitty

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Hide when company comes over. Tavia will not come out of hiding if anyone besides my dad and I are here and she will come to the hallway if my sister is here and will occasionally come to the couch but if my sister moves at all the Tavia runs and hides under my bed and will not come out. And I don't know why she does this. I don't want to stress her so I leave her alone about it. And when an aquatiance of mine used to come over she wouldn't even come out from under the bed but that girl saw her on the washer machine one day (her fave spot to nap) and picked her up and Tavia does not like to be picked up and would not put her down when she wanted down I had to take her away from her and tell her to leave her alone and she is a grown woman. But I called animal control on this same person when I saw her cats and the shape they was in. I think maybe Tavia sensed that she was not a good animal person and really not that good of a person period. But she won't even come out around my uncle and she sees him every day and if my dad walks around the house she goes and hides on my bed. Which is where she stays alot that and her footstool. And I just wonder if its normal kitty behavior. My ex was not nice to her which is one of the big reasons I told him to leave when he got mad and wanted to split because of some other stuff. And I think maybe he made her a skittish kitty. I just wish I could help her be more comfortable around company.
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A lot of cats don't like to be around anyone but their own humans. Ours hide when there is company too. They will eventually come out if it's my parents or my MIL, but that's only a recent thing, because they have gotten used to those particular people. Otherwise they hide in the bedroom the entire time. (They even hide when the pizza delivery guy comes to the door ) I wouldn't worry about it. Some kitties are just not that into people.
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My cats don't! They are out and in your face if someone comes over My Mom very rarely comes over (I usually go there) but she did come over for a bit a few weekends ago and with 2 minutes of her sitting on the couch, she had a lapful of 2 cats one of whom had never met her before! and then when I got my new kittens, Eileen and Rachel got to see all my kitties too- there were very curious I honestly don't know if its something I do, or I just get lucky and get very extroverted cats, but almost all my cats have been like this the last few years.... as far as the pizza man, when he comes I have to do some fancy footwork to keep them all in the house!
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Mine growls and hides when someone comes to the door, but if they stay for a few hours, her curiosity eventually gets the best of her and she makes an appearance. Unless she's totally disturbed by visitors, I wouldn't worry about it.
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It depends on the cat. I have eight and some hide and some don't and it depends on who visits. If my mother comes over or my kids friends most of them know them and don't hide.

I had a friend of my mothers vist a couple weeks ago and she thought we only owned one cat because that was all she saw. All of the others were in hiding because they did not know her at all.
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For the most part, no - neither hide - one is a rex who loves people to start with and Ling's an oriental type mixed who has to mouth off to everyone that comes in
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When someone comes to our door one of our cats will cry and the other one will bark (yes, he thinks he's a dog), but as soon as we let someone in they are gone faster then light itself.

Unless you have food in your hands or your name is Mommy or Daddy then our cats don't want anything to do with you

I think it's just a personality thing.
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Jordan greets everyone & is usually right in their face with in seconds. Isaac sits & watches for a while & then wants to be petted. Levi greets all women, but he seems to have a fear of men (I got him at 5 months & the only man who he has been around since is my Dad & that's only been for 5 - 10 mins at a time) Maggie is terrified of visitors. Your doing the right thing by allowing you cat to hide when visitors are over.
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My Jaffa hides when I have visitors. He's always been a timid cat and I think it's become a rewarding behaviour for him - visitors arrive, he hides, visitors leave, he comes out and everything's ok. To him it probably seems like a sensible thing to do - he feels threatened so he does the flight bit of fight or flight. If you want your cat to be a bit more sociable try giving visitors some of her favourite food (preferably something smelly like tuna or prawns). If she comes out and shows interest in the food your visitors should feed her some but without making too much fuss of her. Maybe that way she will start to associate visitors with something nice and become a bit more confident around them.
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Of our 3, Gabby is overly friendly and inquisitive. Anyone who comes in gets the full roll (she expects everyone to rub her belly), then she'll follow them around, jump on their lap, sniff them throughly. The other 2 will run & hide at the mere sound of someone other than Mom or Dad coming in. Strange thing is of the latter 2, one of them use to be friendly, but since she's been 'paling around with the other one, she's has taken on some of the same skittish habits.
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My two are very nosey so they have to see who's coming in. Rambo will go right up and greet them (especially if they're women...he's such a gigalo). Lucky prefers to remain somewhat aloof...and show the visitors that she has much more important things to do then visit.

One of my friends though, I went to visit after a few hours I asked her if something had happened to her youngest cat since i hadn't seen him. I guess right around the time he turned 1 he decided he much prefered to only be seen by his momma and daddy and unless i hung a tuna fish around my neck there was no way he was coming to see me!
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When I moved in with my dad it took six months before Tavia would go near him and she knew him when she was a kitten he helped me get a fish hook out of her paw once. (My ex brung the fishing poles in after I said not too because of that very reason) and he help me put something like neosporin but was for animals on it. And now he has to tell her that she is a good girl or she won't come to him and she loves all over me. I think she is just a very one person and sometimes two person cat. Mom asked me to live with her but my cat could never deal with five or six people all in one house and all moms animals. And I don't go anywhere without Lilly and Tavia.
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