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Goliath's accident

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Last night Goliath was running around like a mad man and jumnped up on the box fan. When he did, he pulled it over on himself. I have never heard such yowling and crying in my entire life. He was holding his left rear leg forward and up. I put him back with momma Goldie which was a BIG mistake. He kept crying and carrying on, so I realized he was hurt, more than scred. When I tried to reach for him, she clawed and bite and hissed. After I got him, I isolated him in a big carrier and called the Vet. She called back and suggested I let him rest for an hour and then call her if he was not walking. Well I waited and he was not weight bearing and still crying and shaking. We went up at 9PM last night - after a check out, she felt he may have hurt his knee - She did not want to x-ray him at that time as she was the only one there and would have had to knock him out to do so. I was thankful that the hip was not broken. She gave him pain meds, told me to isolate him in the carrier so he would not run around and told me to call her this AM if he was not weight bearing. He is still gimping around but is placing some weight limitedly on that leg. She thought is might be sprained? I wonder if I should call or just wait until tomorrow during regular hours. He IS better and does not cry all the time.
Thoughts? Thank you!
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Debra keep him in the carrier to keep his movements limited. Feed him some boiled chicken and broth to make him feel special and keep Goldie away from him or she will fight you again tooth and nail to get him back. I am sure she is another concern if he is crying so much she must be frantic. I know everytime I go to pick up one of Kenzie's kittens, I get the frantic paw swipe and lunge forward to bite manuever. It is a feral nature to do this.

If you can get some rescue remedy into Goliath it will calm him down a bit. Mix it with some KMR solution or some of the chicken broth. Is he still shaking? He is in shock from the accident and you will see some strange behaviour from him. I don't know when he was slated to go to his new home, but you might want to hold off on it for a bit till he works the shock out of his system. No reason to add two stresses to this poor kitty. He is going to want to find a deep dark hole to sleep in, so just put him in a quiet room. Good luck, you know how to reach me if you need me. Poor baby Goliath.....
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Debra, That's so sad. I know your heart must be breaking for the poor baby. I have never had anything like that happen either, so I don't think you could have foreseen it. Since the vet said not to call if he was putting weight on it, I think you'd be safe to wait, as long as he's not crying too much. Please keep us updated.
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Thank you - he is sleeping most of the day away. I was so frantic last night, I am sure I looked like a mad woman when I got up to the Vets. He is not shaking any more - mewing once in a while then purrring! That little guy steals my heart away!
He has already had special treats, but what are some more!
I appreciate the information!
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hang in there, a long time ago we had a cat tree topple over and trap some young adult kitties. They were banged up but fine, now we screw the cat trees either into the wall or the floor to keep them secure so these type of accidents don't happen.
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I may have to do that same thing here with that darned fan!
He is relaxing more this afternoon and appearing like he feels better. Your good thoughts and suggestions are really appreciated by us here!
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G-man is all better now - and I thank you for all your help and encouragement with him. Now, if we could only make my pocket book feel better after that same 'accident'.
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I am so glad he is doing bed. That is what happens when you are an adventurer.
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