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Good morning

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Good morning to my lovely friends. How is your day going? My day has started nicely I did not have to work last night and I am doing laundry before it gets too hot. The worst thing about laundry I think is folding it and putting it away. I have made my bed and I am debating getting a new quilt set and putting my comforter away for now I am growing tired of orange hippy looking flowers. And I like quilts. My Tavia has already had her breakfast and is now prancing around like I am queen all bow to my paws. She got mad because she got disturbed when I was making the bed because at the time she was laying all comfy in the bed. She is such a spoiled girl but that is what she should be. Well I should be checking some more posts you all have a lovely day. God Bless you all and your furkids and families. Love and Hugs, Gail
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Good morning Gail,

Although for me it's almost good night time (it's almost 11pm). I've spent most of my day today at the vets, spending time with Tahlee and then talking to various vets, coz no one seems to know whats going on. I'm a linen freak, so I say get more linen! LOL.

Pats to Tavia.

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