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Has anyone ever boarded their cat?

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Before getting a cat, I was concerned about what to do with him when we go on vacation several times a year. I know most people leave their cats home alone but since I will only have one cat I am afraid he would be lonely if left alone for a week or two.

Anyhow, I found a "kitty hotel" near me that is run by a lady who LOVES cats. Each cat has a room (more like a walk-in closet) with several perches and a window. Three times a day they let each cat into a commons area that has toys, furniture, a TV and someone (a human) to play with. They will only let your cat out with other cats if you specify it is ok. Of course they will feed him whatever he is used to whenever he is used to eating. The cost is $15 per day. Check it out: http://www.backdoorfriends.com/cat-hotel.html

I am thinking that my house and kitty may be safer if he is at the "kitty hotel." Although part of me would still feel guilty that he is in this tiny room when he is used to the run of the house.

Most of my family was not in favor of me getting a cat ("why tie yourself down to a pet?") so I really don't want to burden them with coming over to take care of it.
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I used to board my cat Cinders int he UK and she was fine with it. The place was good and had similar facilites and routine to what you are describing. But some cats are miserable away from home - I think you have to decide how your cat might take to it. I don't know - maybe a silly suggestion but could you board her for a night or two before you go to see how she is, then you can decide what is best? Then she would be familiar with it when you go 'for real'
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Mine go into a cattery a couple of times a year. They don't love it but they cope ok. I feel happier doing that than have someone come in as it's not that common to keep cats indoors here in England and I wouldn't feel confident that someone coming in would be careful enough to not let them get out. Jaffa would just hide under the bed anyway until they went so he wouldn't get much attention. At least at the cattery they can slowly bring him out of his shell and he has the opportunity for more attention than he'd get at home. I get peace of mind knowing they're safe and I'm not reliant on one or 2 individuals to look after them.

I also like to get them used to being in a cattery as you never know when you might need to put them in one in an emergency. I recently had to move myself and Jaffa out of my flat quickly when it was flooded by a blocked drain. There wasn't anywhere else he could go apart from the cattery (I have no family nearby) who were able to take him at short notice. If he hadn't been used to going into a cattery the whole thing would have been terribly stressful for him.
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We used to board my RB kitty, Disco. She never dealt with it well, due to being free to roam as she pleased, coming and going to the farm where she was born. She would always come back extremely skinny and sad

I haven't had the need to board my present kitties as I don't go away! I think I would be more inclined to have them stay with my parents as they are used to it there and I know they would get excellent care! I have looked at a new boarding cattery near here which looks great and has webcam, so I guess I would possibly try it!

Susanne, if you ever need someone to look after your kids - I'm always happy to help!
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Me- I would have someone come by the house a couple of times a day, or stay here while we are away. I think mine would be more comfortable in their own home without me than in a strange place.

There are arguments to be made for either choice- it's personal opinion, and neither is wrong.
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I also use a petsitter--I pay someone like $14 a day to come over for about 30 minutes and hang with her. She doesn't like traveling or new places and hates other cats, so this was the best option for me.
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I myself am in a bind with this so I don't think I can offer you much advice.

I can't leave my cats at the vet because all they do is cry there 24/7. And in order to board your cat around here it's usually required that they have been on flea control for at least 3 months, have their rabies vaccine and all other necessary shots. And I don't give my cats vaccines so that doesn't work out for me.

I can't leave my cats at home (even with a pet sitter) for more than 24 hrs because they'll pee everywhere, when they get upset.

IMO you should try out the Kitty "hotel". It sounds great and sounds affordable. Make sure you can meet any requirements that they have such as vaccines and etc.

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