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My sister got a new kitty

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She got a little girl cat yesterday I am going to get her a bag of kitten food and give her a toy that Tavia doesn't like. She is getting her spayed which I am glad of but not happy that she will be getting her declawed but there is no convincing her not to. I am surprised she doesn't like cats as much as I do to her its just a cat. Too me its my baby. She was at mom's and was there longer than me and mom's cats aren't the greatest about their litterpan and it give her a dislike for kitties. But she got a cat her boyfriend likes them I really hope she is good to her cat. Keep your fingers crossed.
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Show her this link to see if she'll change her mind on declawing

What does bother me however is when you say you hope she is good to her cat?!, especially when she doesn't like cats much
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Jeepers, why do people get cats if they don't love them? I'll never understand some people. You definately need love for them to put up with the pee,poo,fur and vet $.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom
You definately need love for them to put up with the pee,poo,fur and vet $.
Even if her boyfriend does like cats, it'll end up being a very joint responsibility!
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Well its her responsibilty most of the time he is in the Army and is in Iraq . I know she will treat her okay but like with her dog she gets tired of things we are still taking care of her boxer and she gave her lab away and mostly because she would not listen to me and get them obediance training and could not handle them she can't even walk her boxer because she will not listen to anything there is no teaching her responsibility she is a good mom to her kid but not good enough to her furkids. She takes them to the vet but like with Macy she had the vet do the shots and she is doing the cats shots all but the rabies herself. And I told her she needed to get her checked for feline leukiemia and fiv before giving the shots and she said well she's healthy and I said well you can't always tell by looking at them. She is my sis and I love her but she really needs to grow up and be a responsible person.
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It is worrying at how you've described the situation

What i can't get my head around is the fact that the one person who likes cats isn't going to be there most of the time and your sister doesn't really like them?!.
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I would ask her to try soft claws 1st... they work SO good. And they're only $17 for 4 sets of nails! I have them on my kitty and they work for way more things than I thought... she can't scratch the screens, the furniture, the kids, and when she tries to jump up on your lap and grabs ahold of your thigh to get her balance, it doesn't hurt! They're way cheaper than declawing... maybe you could get them for her and help her get them on the kitty. Also, if your sister's into style...they come in a wide variety of colors...even a black & white french manicure! I got my girl the patriotic set for the 4th of July! Here is the link:

If you or your sis have any ?'s about them, please PM me anytime, I am online most days...

Also, I had a cat growing up who was declawed, she snuck out of the house 1 time, and was blinded in her eye and beat up so badly she limped back... her eye was really gouged and scratched out. She was never the same again either, her spirit was just broken. Hope this will help you to change her mind.... at least to try other options 1st! Good luck!
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And to think this is my sister I just don't understand her. And today she called and asked my dad to buy diapers and she got her cat yesterday so apparently she is just not thinking and she says the kitty is for the baby who is 4 months old so she is too little for a cat anyway. She can't enjoy the kitty yet and certainly cannot give her the love she needs. And my sister thinks its odd that I talk to Tavia. And I asked if she was going to get her the same kind of food that I give Tavia, who is a very healthy kitty, and she said well I can't afford that expensive stuff and I feed Tavia whiskas (only thing that doesn't make her sick) and it is not expensive and I tried to tell her its a kitten it won't eat that much and good food lasts longer than not so good food and she said its just a cat I can't afford to buy expensive stuff and I said then why did you get the cat in the first place and she got mad and hung up so now I am going to go buy her kitty some food so I know she is atleast not eating the dollar store brand food. Am I wrong for buying her kitty food. And fussing at her. My dad says its none of my buisnesss or to atleast only get her this first bag. What do you think am I being too nosey or just a cat lover.
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No your not wrong in buying her the kittens food, "YOU" shouldn't have to have that responsibility because it's your sisters, but it sounds like it's a good job your there for the little one

And as for being nosey, well again your only looking out for the kittens welfare
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I don't think your being nosy... your being a sister... I have 3 of them... that's what we do, tell each other how to run each others lives . Seriously though, your genuinely caring about the kitty, someone has to. I feed LuckyGirl whiska's catmilk diluted with water every morning. You can get coupons for Whiska's by calling the 800 # on the can/bag/box of food. I called for a different reason (to see if there was sugar in it, my highly diabetic dog decided to drink it) and they sent me tons of coupons for treats, food etc. Also, I always see it on sale at Petsmart for like 25cents a can, that's really cheap. And get her to get a Perks card cause you get coupons every time you go!
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just found out she is getting a second kitty as well this is just nuts. don't know why she is doing this.
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I found these two sites when I was first looking at declawing (when I got my first cat...had no idea what it was...)...!1A!DD!A59F343A0263/zuzu22/STOPDECLAWCOM/
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Its hard when we as big time Cat Lovers know that the cats might not be getting what we think they should, I worry about everyones cat that I know That's not good always either, but to some people there just a cat, I think that is very sad. I Love each and evey one of mine bunches
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