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Do you celebrate your kitty's birthday?

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Just curious to see if other cat lovers celebrate their kitty's birthdays and how.

I don't have parties for them or anything spectacular but I do try and buy them something special like a new toy or a nice treat. Although I forgot Sampson's last birthday and felt really bad. He got to pick off my dinner that night.

I know Xavier's and Sampson's exsact birthdates but I'm not sure of Mitzi's and Fallon's. I usually just make a day up.
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As both the mittens were "rescue" I don't know when their birthdays are, so I chose a day around about when I think they could of been born.

Thank-you for the reminder, it is Ronnie's birthday in two weeks, she will be 2, and Alf's in a month, he will be 6.

Poor Moogie, who died 2 years ago, was also a rescue cat, but we never knew how old she was - just old when we got her, and even older when she died, cantankerous and bad-tempered and bald on her elbows - but we loved her
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Yup, nothing fancy though, they got different food and few new toys, and a huge scratching post...And I was petting and cuddling them more than on normal day
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of course we will celebrate Sydney's birthday !!!

First of all , I'm planning to get him a present (a toy) ; do not know what yet ... any ideas ????
Then of course only his favourite dish that day !
Of course , the most important will be uncountable hugs , kisses , and etc...... ! and of course , lots and lots of pictures are to be taken !!!!!
His birthday is on August 15 (2000) ; so , I still have time for more ideas !! :icecream:

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We keep track of Snowball's age and we know he was born in the middle of September but we really don't celebrate his birthday. He will be 11 years old soon, and it seems like it was only yesterday that he was just a tiny little kitten....
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No, I'm sorry to say we don't. But every time we have a special meal, we make sure the kitties and collie get nice big portions of the turkey or ham. Often Santa Claus remembers them and they usually buy gifts for my kitty and puppy grandkits! Well....it's their name on the tag!
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We got Socks and Boo from the shelter when they were 12 weeks old and that was back in the beginning of December. So I figure their birthday is in the beginning of Sept. I'll probably just give them a treat or a new toy.
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We had to guesstimate Ivo's age, too. I found her in the middle of October, and the vet thought she was about a year old, so I chose Halloween as her birthday (especially appropriate for a little demon-kitty ). I'll probably get her a new toy and take her for a nice long walk in the hallway.
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Yes we celebrate all of our kitties birthdays. Isis and Luna since we don't know when they were born, we just use the day they became inside kitties as their birthdays.
So Twigs is: April 16
Rockets is: Sept 7
Isis is: Aug 23
Lunas is: Dec 23
sounds good to me and them. they like it when mommy and daddy spoil them more then normal and give them a small amount of salmon or tuna from a restruant. Nah they aren't spoiled in any way! LOL!
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With 6 kitties, we don't really do the individual birthday thing. We always try to bring back something for the kids whenever we go shopping whether it be a treat, new toy, new bed, etc. So they get plenty of goodies all year round. They just love going through the bags we bring in looking for what we brought them! They also expect that whatever is delivered is for them as well. Usually they are right!
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We buy a few new toys.
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