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Just curious

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I been doing alot of reading instead of posting, now that all 3 of my kitties have actually been ok....And I have read alot about either cats dying or eating something they shouldnt, etc...And alot of people mentioned the cats would run around...

Like someone mentioned the cat moving quickly back n forth to rooms..and someone else mentioned eating something and running around like a maniac..

My Squiggles who is a 2 yr old stray that I took in...She or any of my kitties, are not allowed around dangerous things...I have children too so I keep most of everything locked up anyways..

Well the other day..after moving, etc..We went to the store, and came home..I never leave plastic bags out, but this day as I was unpacking groceries, there were still some on the floor..And one had a tiny box of tea in it, so it was lightweight...Well Squiggles managed to mangle herself in it, and before I even knew what happened, I heard her smacking off the walls..Looked and there was the bag over her head, but she was moving so fast I couldnt even grab her or the bag..She then went up into my box spring, on the bed, where the cats have so kindly ripped a hole, where they go sleep sometimes..So I really couldnt get to her in minute timing because of having to flip everything over..So I started ripping the bed apart, and her son Squeeky appeared out of the bed..And she came out right after him..FINE..I honestly think he helped her get the bag off..

Am I crazy for thinking that????
not that it matters now, but I did treat him like a hero..After I of course gave her huggs n kisses..

So being that I have heard that cats hide when dying, and that some have ran..Are these two sometimes connected???I cut the whole bottom of the bed cover off, so they are in arms reach..I am just so nervous that with that fast pace, plus the hiding, That you wouldnt be able to prevent something..

No more bags will be left out TRUST ME........
But did she think she was gonna die?? is the running a state of shock, and panic..When breathing is compromised..I understand her freaking out because of sophication..But when an animal is poisoned, diseases, etc???
And with a bag over her head, Im suprised she ran to that spot, like that...So directly..Like that would be the spot always picked, if she did get sick
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I don't think she thought she was dying - the running was a panic attack - 'gotta get away from this bag that has attacked me'. My Persil did the same thing once with a plastic bag - got it round her neck and ran downstairs as fast as she could go. Since the bag was full of kitchen rubbish I could easily follow the trail! She was scared to death too. If a cat is dying it is not going to run - it is more likely to creep away quietly into a safe dark place where it is not going to be disturbed.
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