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How many of you.........did this? LOL...

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Ok-so Im on a *roll* tonite, with posts. But I was sitting here listening to an old Madonna song(Papa Dont Preach) anyways-when I was younger, my friends and I would play this lip syncing contest for other kids(usually my brother or sisters friends) but we would dance and sing, LOL....did anyone else do this? They would pretend to be the judge That was sooo much fun

Yes, that song by Madonna was one of my all time FAVE'S to sing!!!
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I never lip sinked (however you spell that)...but I used to play the CD player real loud and dance in the backyard so no one could see me.
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I so did that! It was such a big thing to sing and dance that was my life!!! the sad part is when i was real little I wanted a real looking mic and me and my sister wrapped a lemon in aluminum foil and tape it to a flashlight as a mic! yes I know thats bad lol I'm so embarrased to admit that
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We never lip synced like you did but we would go outside to my treehouse, cover it in beach towels so no one could see in and play (over and over on repeat) Enigma's "Return to Innosence" and Paula Abdul's "Rush Rush" which if you remember the song, isn't really appropriate for grade schoolers!
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I totally lip synced and danced. We even had compitions at school for this called 'air bands" lol.
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ummm, yeah I was really bad. And Madonna is still my #1 girl!!! I always sang Material Girl, and even had a pink prom dress I got at the salvation army for dress up that I would put on with all kinds of fake jewels!

And me & my friends would each sing all the parts from Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles.... and we wouldn't let my little sister sing any of the verses, she was only allowed to do the whistling part!

(now we're the best of friends...)
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Yeppers, we would sing and do a dance routine to Paula Abdul's "Straight up now tell me" song...and I still know the dance. We used to do it on top of my friends parents van
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YES!! My sister is older and she would choreograph the elaborate dance routines. Then we would perform them and if I messed up man did I get it from her!! We used to have these concrete poles infront of my parents parking spots (we lived in military housing) and we would dance on those too!!
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Um...I still lip synch. But usually just in front of the mirror when no one else is around... (where's the smiley for "crawling under a rock" when you need it? )
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I sing in my car.....does that count!
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Why lip sych when you can SING ALONG!

We use to think we were all divas back then and that Star Search was just waiting for us How silly we were!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
Why lip sych when you can SING ALONG!

We use to think we were all divas back then and that Star Search was just waiting for us How silly we were!

LOL, uh huh! There was also another lip syncing show umm I wanna say it was called Putting on the Ritz? Does anyone else remember?
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Oh my gosh. You brought back long-supressed memories. Every summer my cousins, my sister, and I would stay with our grandparents for a month. They had a 3 story house and we would do elaborate beauty contests on the steps and, of course, the talent was always lip-synching. There were three of us gals and one boy, so he was always the host.

We would do all the parts of the pageant, but the fav. has to be swimsuit, where we would pull the bottom of our shirts up through our "cleavage" or whatever you would call that space at 8 or 10 and pull it back thru, so it looked like a bikini top.

Favorite lip-synching songs: Achy Breaky Heart, Kokomo, and I Think We're Alone Now
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