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Siamese breeders

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I was wondering if any of your siamese breeders (or any breeders for that matter) know of any siamese breeders in my area???? I really would like a kitten but I don't want to support byb's. Any help would be great!
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Your local cat club would be where I would start
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The only Old Style Siamese breeder I found in Canada at all was this one:

Name: Kristen Joiner
Cattery: Belles of Siam (ACA)
Shipping? We ship both domestically and internationally.
Notes: Pet cats/kittens altered prior to placement. Written sales contract. Seal, blue and chocolate point.

Contact Belles of Siam by:

Email: ekjoiner@mts.net

Hope this helps and I will keep looking.
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Manitoba is right next door to Sask, so I could probably drive there. Thanks. I know not very many people are registered breeders here and that's my dilema. Thanks guys.
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Yeah, looking for a Tonkinese breeder myself.
Amazingly there are very few choices here in Alaska.

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Here is Traditional Siamese breeder in Saskatchewan

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So when I am looking into buying a registered kitten, what should I look for in terms of the health contract and prices????
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If you contact the CCA (Canadian Cat Association) they can give you a list of reputable breeders in your area hopefully.

Good luck!
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Reputable breeders (the ones that I know) will let their kittens go between the ages of 3 and 4 months, some of them if they are able a vet to do it will have the kittens spayed/neuteered before they leave their home.

Siamese cats need human contact, so they do terribly if left in cages. The mothers with their kittens are put in a small room by themselves when the kittens are quite young, they they are integrated with thier other cats.

It is not rare to find the male sharing the responsibility of the kittens, even if the kittens are not his.

Whe you visit the breeder's home look at the condition of the cats, shiny coats and their weight, well the mother may be a bit thin, but that's expected. If you are looking at wedge type cats, they don't have any underfur, so if the mother is a little to intent on cleaning her kittens some of them my have some bare patch on their body (Ha!, Ha!), not to be confused with ringworm.

When you take your kitten home, you will also get his/hers vet record (shots, etc), and his/her cat association (CFA, CCA, TICA, etc) papers. If he/she is not neutered/spayed you may be able to get them only when you show proof that it has been done.

Good breeders want to better the breeds they are working with, not make money, if fact all of them loose money breeding cats. They go to shows, and can be picky about the people they are selling their kittens to.
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I'm a Siamese breeder but not in Canada
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