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He is getting so big!
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Awwwww Gimme! Gimme!! I need a cute little tuxedo kitty to complete my 'collection' Hes such a sweetie MA
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hehe He looks like he's spotted something interesting. He sure is a cutie pie!!
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AAWWWW!!! Can I have just a little nibble?! He is adorable! Makes me want to munch little kitty ears!:lips:
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OMG - He is adorable! I bet he is into everything from that look on his little face!
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Argh! I love kittens when they still have little spikey tails! I want him
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He's a very special kitten, from a special family! What a little doll.
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Too cute! Makes me wish they could stay little forever!
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I miss having kittens so much! What a cutie, and such an intelligent little face. I want him!
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Too cute for words... Looks like he has a great personality too
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AWWWWWW! He looks so much like one of the little kitties Ihave right now. (The one hubby found in the garage) they look to be about the same age as well! I have pictures, but need to get the film developed!
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Awww! He looks so cute.
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OMG hoe precious!
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What a handsome little fellow! Oh, I just want to cuddle him all up!!
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he looks like he wants a tummy rub - I am currently scrithing the air in front of me for a virtual tummy rub!
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When I see something that cute, I feel myself grinning like mad, and my voice ready to go up several octaves.

It's impossible to look at him and not get all mushy inside.
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They are all doing well. The kits are now litterbox trained and I am slowly working with them to get them socialized. MacSter has a new name McGillyKitty (thank you Helen for that) because he turned out to be a she! She is very feral and spits at anything except the broom- she loves the broom so much that when I sweep upstairs everyday she just clings to the broom and sits her butt on it to go for a ride. I almost want to call her Broomhilda! It is the funniest thing to watch. Mike got some pics of it the other day they are still in my camera though.

McBethie comes running to the sound of my voice, she is fearful of the dog and the other cats except for Kahuna. McKenzie is doing well, she gets spayed in a few weeks. I swear she is going in and out of heat so fast it makes my head spin! I can pick her up for less than a minute before she goes feral on me and I have to put her down, but she is coming along slowly.
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