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Help! Tiger won't eat :(

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My cat Tiger is 11 months old and since yesterday or maybe even earlier, he hasnt been eating. This morning he had a little bit of steak and that was it except for a little licking at some other things. He's also pretty much been sleeping all day..Every once in awhile he might play a little but i have to wave his toy in his face, first. I called the vet and they said for me to bring him in the morning, so..I'm just wondering what might be wrong with him..Thanks everyone

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I'm pleased to hear that you're taking your kitty to the vets - they will be able to diagnose the problem and get him on the correct treatment!

Sending many health and healing }}}VIBES{{{ to your kitty and to you!

Please let us know how the vet visit goes!
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It could be any number of things but given his young age chances are it isn't anything too serious. It sounds like you have a good vet in that you were told to bring him right in. Not eating for a lenghth of time in cats can lead to liver problems and some vets don't take it very seriously like they should.
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That's the same thing that was going on with my kitty about 2 weeks ago. He suddenly stopped eating, drinking, and being active. When I took him into the vet, he had a temperature of 105.5. They gave him a shot of meds to get the fever down and did some blood tests. The only thing they could find was an odd chemical change happening in his white blood cells. They got his fever down and I was able to take him home that night. He's been on antibiotics since and is now back to his old self.

Hopefully your issue is just as mild. Good luck and please keep us up to date.
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so last night before I went to bed, i saw some green diarrhea (i think) on the fur around Tiger's butt, I'm not sure what that might mean, but I took him in this morning and the vets are keeping him overnight so they can check a stool sample. He didn't have a fever when I brought him in, but he was lethargic. I really hope they find nothing serious wrong with him They said they'd call with any updates, so..I'll update when they do.
Thanks for the vibes!
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Oh your poor baby!

Sending continued health and healing }}}VIBES{{{ and many
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Aww.....sounds like there is a run of sick tummies at the moment. Healing vibes for your baby.
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<<<Sending some healing vibes for your kitty>>>

Thanks for keeping us updated.
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Eeeek sending good vibes! Hope your kitty is okay! Definitley keep us updated!
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How is Tiger?
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Hi! Sorry I haven't updated.

Tiger is doing good now, he apparently had subclinical pneumonia and the vet gave me some Clavamox to give him. He's doing so much better already! Thanks everyone
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