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Recipes or ideas?

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Anyone have and dinner ideas that are simple? I am so tired of basic meals over and over again! I would love to try other things I just don't know where to look for stuff that is good!
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How about a nice tortellini salad? My recipe is very easy. Buy the refrigerated tortellini that your grocery store carries (hopefully you have Buttoni brand) - you should have choices of filling such as 4 cheese, chicken and proscuitto, sausage etc.

Cook the tortellini as per directions, then drain and cool

In a mixing bowl, mix:
2 1/2 tablespoons of pesto paste (brand I buy is Amore - in my grocery store it is in the same aisle as the pasta's and pasta sauce, it is unrefrigerated (until after opening)

1 cup mayo
1/4 cup whole milk ricotta
1 tab. mixed Italian herbs (dry)
fresh ground black pepper - to taste

Then gently fold in the cooled tortellini and refrigerate.

This can be dressed up by adding diced salami or pepperoni, even of cooked Italian sausage, and honestly, I think this would be good with cooked shrimp
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Well as simple goes, go to your local grocery store and get one of those Betty Crocker Complete Meals....doesn't get any simpler than that.

Now if you want recipes, I've got a ton!

Some easy, some complicated.
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One pint of heavy whipping cream, 1 cup of parmesan cheese, 1 stick of butter (unsalted) some fresh cracked pepper. First melt the butter in the cream, doing this over low heat. Once you have done this add the parmesan slowly stirring while the cheese melts. It's a quick alfrado sause it goes well over any flat noodle pasta.
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Mmmm that sounds yummy.

Well you could take a jar of salsa, a can of mixed veggies, can of chicken, can of creamed corn, can of mexi-corn, and a can of chicken broth.

Mix and let simmer for 20 minutes....

You have Salsa soup and it's yummy despite what it sounds like.

That's my simpliest recipe.
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Don't forget to add these to the cookbook forum for our fundraiser.

BTW, check in those threads too for some good ideas in there too.
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I subscribe to the Kraft foods email newsletters. Their recipes (of course calling for Kraft food products) are fairly easy. You can substitute other brands too.
Then they send a recipe magazine out a few times a year.
www.kraftfoods.com is the website.
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We've been having a lot of wraps lately - cut up cooked chicken, cheese, salsa, lettuce is an example, or deli turkey, salad vegetables and your favorite salad dressing.
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for easy I like my crock pot... throw it all in the pot in the am, turn it on low, it's ready when you come home... and only 1 dish to clean! Yay!

cut a few potatoes in 4's
add a handful or 2 of carrots
you can add a large piece of onion or cut it up
either a pot roast, or a pork roast
and a packet of those McCormick seasons for crock pots.... I love them, they take all the guess work out of "shoot, do I have any thyme left???" all you do is open the packet, add water, and pour it over the meat!

Tip: always spray the inside of your crock pot with Pam or cooking spray, then there's no scrubbing when it's clean up time!
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My neighbour made this for me about a year ago and I am addicted and so easy

chop up chicken into small pieces, separate into portion sized servings and place on foil, chop up spinach and some cream cheese, mix with the chicken servings and wrap the foil up as pacels,bake and serve with a baked potato
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