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One of my cats recently developed dandruff. I don't think it's due to diet, since he's been on the same diet for years and this is a pretty new phenomenon. He might not be drinking enough, however. I don't see him drink very much. The weather around here has been a bit crazy, too, and is likely contributing.

Is there anything I can do to help relieve the dandruff? Any products/food additives that have worked for you? Does this necessitate a trip to the vet?

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Sadie gets flaky skin sometimes.

I solve the problem by brushing her daily...
& wiping her down with a damp paper towel.

When you brush your kitty, it helps the flakes come to the surface.
It also gets rid of trapped shredded fur.

Other people use supplements but I have found regular brushing keeps it well under control.
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Dietary needs can change as a cat ages, so it might well be diet. Brushing is good as it stimulates the skin by increased blood flow, but I would also suggest an oil supplement of some sort. Fish oil, etc.
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Any other health problems that he has? Has he ever been given any medications like predisone? I have one sorta flaky kitty, and I think steriods are the cause, also he doesn't eat as much wet food like the other cats.
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