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I need a place to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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LIVE!!!!!!!!!! As most of you know Ted & I moved from NY to Va in October of 2005 . We have been living with my uncle and his wife.We were to get a new double wide,financed by a family friend.we had allready put down a despoit(sp) then he changed his mind!!! Our credit is not good enough to finance it by ourself. Now we got told we needed to find a place to live ,he wants to sell the house(has a byer).The family friend ownes the house my uncle lives in,(long story) he also has to move,He is building a new house,one bedroom. so we can't go there. This is a small town,no rent to own anything around here! Need ton's of vibes !
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Oh my gosh. When do you need a new place by?????
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July 1
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Oh my gosh. Have you been looking for a place???? I know I have to move for August 1st but I don't wanna *pout*.
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looking ,but donot know how I will get the frist month rent and despoit(sp) I can do one or the other,right now.
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Originally Posted by sherral46
looking ,but donot know how I will get the frist month rent and despoit(sp) I can do one or the other,right now.

I don't know what the laws are like down there, but here you only have to give half of the damage deposit and then have 60 days to give the rest.

I really hope you find a place to live as I hope I can too. It is really hard to find a decent place for a decent rent that will allow pets.
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I have in the past worked with landlords to have the deposit added to rent until it is paid off.

If you manage to find one that will do this, be sure the arrangement is detailed in the lease, and get an itemized rent reciept.
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i know the feeling, we've made temp arrangements till we can get back up on our feet with family (not mine obviously)--but hubby's (who are gems). Good luck hun.
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Holy cow, there's a lot of us moving lately. I think we should start the official moving thread.
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I had to was sort of a safety issue concerning some 'family issues' we were having with my 'ahem--parents'. If you want to call them that.

Stalking us and making false child services reports about me and the kids. (That my DH was abusive, which he is far from....)

Actually my kids are pretty much ALWAYS smiling.....

((DSS knew we were moving and had no concerns))).

Otherwise we wouldn't have moved again.
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Yea I have to move to because of icky neighbors who threatend me and my familly's lives (another thread). So it seems us three are all in the same boat. We all have to move but not because we want to.
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You're in my thoughts and prayers this week! I hope everything works out smoothly and you're able to find somewhere to go. Try and haggle (nicely) with the landlords on prices and a possible arrangement to add on the deposit a little at a time with rent, or only pay 1/ never know unless you ask!!! So don't be afraid to- be confident, explaine what you can bring to the table (a good tenant, who would help keep their property clean , someone to watch out for potential crime in the buildings....and so on) Sometimes, you have to "sell yourself" so be conviencing and confident. You will land a place, just keep your spirits up and don't allow yourself to get too upset over bumps in the road! Good Luck!
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Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts & prayers
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My thoughts are with all of you that are being forced out. And Sherral I would suggest checking out Canada but considering that you live way over on the east coast, everything is pretty far away.
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Sending you lots of luck in finding a place.....
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