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Bad day

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I just had a horrible day at work! It was so bad, my manager told me to go home and curl up with my cats. He even gave me some stress relief tea, and gave me strict instructions not to do anything else for the rest of the day. I hope everyone’s day was a ton better than mine.
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Awe what happened????
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Just one horrible system issue after another while I was trying to get some billing information on track for a customer. What should have taken me 15 mins took me most of the day!!!!

Also I just heard a *thunk* from my bedroom. I have a feeling my boys just got into something. I am not going to look.
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Awe, well I hope you get some rest and feel better tonight.

Maybe you should have a bubble bath?
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I looked... and it was a whole box of tissues. I should have known better. Sometimes I love my boys.... other times... well.... we all have cats.
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Yea. I know. My Mittens like to get into the garbage . I try to keep it under the sink but she's figured out how to get into that still. I guess I'm going to re-child proof.
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((HUGS)) I think alot of people are just having one of those days.

It took one of my coworkers 3 hours to type a 5 line invoice and fax it to the shipping company because they kept changing their minds what they wanted it to say... and then they complained she did nothing!
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