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Miki is confusing

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One minute she is meowing at me for no reason, so I crouch down and give her a few pets and scratches and then go about my business and she continues to follow me and meow. So I pick her up and she seems to like being held and relaxes in my arms. (rather strange because she normally hates being held.) So I figured she just wanted some loving.

Last night however, she was running from me and didn't want me to pick her up. Its like she has moodswings or something.

Also another little thing. How can I get her to stop chewing and attacking wires and cords. I'm afraid she is going to eletricute herself.
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Get a cord box that will keep all of them away. Also is she fixed? That may explain some of the mood swings.

If she is fixed try playing with her with a feather stick or something like that make her associate you with something fun and positive.
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First go to any office supply store such as office depot - the have covers for wires. Below a link to what I am talking aboiut.


They come in all colors!!

On the other note maybe this time she wanted you to follow her - she knows what she wants - don't worry you'll learn the small differences in her signals
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Yes definitely find something to prevent her from chewing on cords! the bitter apple spray is also a good choice.... My girl Pandora chewed on a cord and DID electrocute herself, I'm very lucky that I was home at the time and noticed something wasn't right immediately, a 2 night stay at the emergency vet and $600 later she is better than new, but I almost lost her
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My cat Lucy is fixed, but she does the "moodswing" thing a lot to me, too. I'm not sure why she does it, either.
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Yup my cat, Max, also has mood swings. At first it really really bothered me but now I have learned how to judge his moods better and therefore give him what he needs depending on his mood.
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Originally Posted by h~chan
My cat Lucy is fixed, but she does the "moodswing" thing a lot to me, too. I'm not sure why she does it, either.
....cause she is a girl... - my mom's two girls simetimes have major catitude...
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Mine kind of does the same thing. One minute she will be quietly sitting or sleeping, and then she gets a little agitated about something, suddenly she is running around my apartment and meowing very loudly. Usually lasts for about a minute or two, then she calms down and falls back to sleep or sits back down.

The times that she does this more than not is when she has just used her litter box, and when she hears me doing the dishes or the laundry.
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