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Sunday's DT

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Good morning guys!

Well today is Father's Day. Not one of my favorite days anymore. This will be the second one without my dad. Kind of depressing, but I am trying not to think about it alot.

The kids were over yesterday, and they said they got their dad a gift, and I asked what they got him and they said....a puddle of mud.

I came flying out of the bathroom, hairbrush in hand, saying..."A mud puddle??? You got your dad a mud puddle??? What do you mean by that?"

Turns out "A Puddle Of Mud" is the name of some rock group my hubby likes (I had no idea) so they bought him the CD.

It was funny at the time...guess you had to be there.

It is very peaceful here this morning. It looks like it will be a gorgious day in Iowa. Don't have any plans, but the kids are coming back over to spend some time with their dad. I already took him out for his Fathers Day dinner a couple days early, when we had to go to Des Moines.

Hope everyone has a great day today!!
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Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

It's been another relaxing Sunday morning here in Cleveland. Well, relaxing for me-it's been very exciting for Ivo. This morning, there was a squirrel on the roof of my building. Ivo usually gets excited about the sparrows and pigeons, but the squirrel really had her attention. I had to take the screen out of the window and shut it, because I thought she was going to go through it.

It's a grey and dreary day here, so I think I'll stay inside and read. I got the latest Entertainment Weekly, with a sneak preview of the new Harry Potter movie. I was so excited, I went back and reread the second book. Of course, I couldn't stop there...Now, I'm working my way throught the fourth, which seems to be thousands of pages.

Have a good day everyone!
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I know this is a Sunday DT but I'll write about last night anyway since my night ended early Sunday morning. My grandmother's birthday is today but we celebrated it last night at this very nice Portugese resturant. It was just my dad, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, Brian and I. The food was great, the drinks were great, the Portugese music was loud and the bartender was HOT!! hehe.....

I normally hate going into the city but since it was only one night and for a good occation I didn't mind and forgot about how all the shops on the street had metal bars in the windows!!

Anyway today Brian's cousin is being baptised and I was willing to go but he doesn't want to. He says the church is going to hound him and I to join them blah blah blah... Just an excuse not to go. Hopefully we'll make it to the BBQ later on.

I hope you all have a great day!! Happy father's day to all the dads!!
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Good morning to all!

It's a gorgeous sunny day out, and no smell of smoke in the air at all here! Such a nice change, especially since the 2 fires 'close' to me are both 30% contained! We got a little rain last night which really helped the air quality!

I decided I needed a hobby (aside from hanging out online all the time!) so yesterday I bought all the acrylic painting supplies I need to start painting! Are there any painters out there? Believe me, I have no actual talent, but I figured I could stick to contemporary impressionistic pieces, and no one would know the difference! :LOL:

Debby, that was funny! I can just imagine your reaction! I have the Puddle of Mud CD myself (thanks to someone very special!)
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Like you I would of had no idea, and thought the kids has actually given dad a puddle of mud! LOL

I cannot contain my joy at having my horse back with me! Although his eyes show that he has endured somethings he would rather not talk about, (and you don't have to be psychic to see that) I will just work with him slowly and bring him back. Here he is- my sweet Travler. I will help him deal with his issues as time goes on.
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Happy Fathers' Day! I have to work swing shift, so I took Bill out to breakfast. He loves the travel cooler. We had to return it, though; the power cord was missing. Got him another one and checked for the cord, first. He, also, loved the card from the cats. I couldn't resist, when I saw it. My dad liked the candy. I left it where Mom can't reach it. She has a bad habit of eating other people's candy. I don't mind if my dad shares with her; I just don't want her to eat all of it! Its 101, already. Thank God for swamp coolers and the patiomister!
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Our children are coming over today and are bringing dinner, so that will be a nice change. My husband is outside working, which is what he does every Sunday. We are separated, but have always kept the family concept. We are always together for special days and Sundays.
I am so glad you are getting some relief from that smoke, Jin. I paint landscapes and flowers, but I think Hissy and Bodlover are the real artists around here. I really enjoy it, and I have never had any talent in drawing. Painting landscapes is totally different!

Hissy, I'm really happy for you. It's a shame you are unable to enjoy him as much as before you were injured, but it must be a wonderful day for you and hubby.
Debbie, that's so funny! I am so out of touch with the new groups now. I feel even older than I am! Well, at least your husband knows what's happening in rock music.
Have a great Father's Day, everyone!
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Well he made me listen to his new CD today, and it is actually pretty good!!! I can see why you like it, Jin! There is one song on it I really liked. "Blurry". I had heard it before and liked it, but had no clue who sang it.
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Well, I guess I'm not going to care much for Father's Day any more. I was bummed about it when my dad died, but I was young and figured I'd have kids one day. I did, but now we are divorced, so it's back to bothering me. My ex was all excited because the replacement family was taking him out for brunch.

So I spent the day doing nothing, and I'm in a bad space, and I'm so tired of being on my own, even though it hasn't been that long. Plus Purrboy's tail is absessed again. Poor thing. I thought we'd gotten him cured, but I guess he needs another course of antibiotics. I hope the vet will prescribe without seeing him again.

Monday it's back to the job hunt.
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Oh, btw, did anyone check out Bobby's cat page from the front? He looks like such a sweetie! He reminds me of Theo a lot, but I think there are lots of black cats that look like that.
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Sorry to hear about your cats tail...I hope the vet can give something that will heal it. Poor thing.

Oh, and good luck with the job hunt, I hope it goes well.
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