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What do you hate about your job?

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I just got back from work and realized that I am not a huge fan of walking in the summer heat for two hours at a time... backwards!

I'm a campus tour guide, and I know this place like the back of my hand and can tell you about most of it, and I like that and I like talking to new people every day and I like most of my coworkers.

However, I hate walking for so long so far in the summer heat. It's been like 80 here and the tours are always during the hottest part of the day. Pllllllh!

So what part of your job do you hate?
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Oh there are too many things!

But the main thing is my boss - he has the memory of a 1 year old child, actually - no, a child probly has a memory better than he does.

He can't remember customer names, or anything like that, he forgets things instantly - so that means I must remember everything he needs to know, plus everything I need to remember as well. My brain sure has expanded since I've started here, thats for sure.

Its just sooo annoying!! Grrrr!
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I was also a campus tour guide many years ago. It was the heat. We had to wear these huge backpacks and these thick polo shirts in 100 degree heat. Ugh.

Now, I am a stay-at-home mom and the worst part of my job so far today is having my 15 month old get into a child-proofed cabinet that I had accidentally left open and drop a glass serving dish on our ceramic tile floor. Here we were, both barefoot in the midst of a huge pile of glass shards. Using my super-mommy technique I managed to grab her and get out of the kitchen without a single drop of blood being shed! My heart was beating fast for a good two hours afterwards this morning!
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I love most aspects of my job, great organization, great people but I work for a Cancer organization, which does a great service to the community but it's depressing being around the whole "cancer train of thought" all day. I find cancer patients drives to their apointments and get to help raise money for research. The problem being we can't afford the proper amount of staff and we can't afford decent office furniture. I currently sit on a stiff back dining chair from the kitched because a gasket broke in the donated computer chair I used to sit on. But more days than not I love my job.
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There is so little to do, and whatever I do costs so much brain power. I can plan the whole day for an experiment that takes only 30 minutes to complete, but I still feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Give me grunt labor anyday.
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The thing I hate most about my job is...I haven't got one. But I'm looking.
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I just wish I had a job so that I could have something to not like
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Well job numer one...Waitress at a fast-paced place.

I LOVE THAT JOB! I've lost 10 pounds scince working there, because it's just running around all day, and putting dollars in my pocket. lol. Works for me.
BUTI have to be there at 5:30 am. So what I hate about it is waking up at 4:30 am in the morning. ugh...It's so tough.

Job number two...Waitress at a slower paced place.
I LOVE THIS JOB TOO! It's very laid back, I get to wear my own clothes, I live above this place, takes me 5 seconds to get there, the boss loves me.
BUTNo matter what, I have to work every single Friday and Saturday night. I havent had a friday or sat. night off in a loooong time.
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I wish I could work more hours! I am a massage therapist, and I do not get paid unless I am working on a client. I have a lot of down time when I am at the salon, and my boss is constantly trying to get me to do stuff that she is not paying me to do.
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I have to say it's not the company I dislike it's the job itself. We use a really old system that breaks at the worst time. My manager and everyone I work around is wonderful.
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I really wish I am going to get a teaching job this fall. I love teaching.
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I have to work all weekend, every weekend. Such is the life when you're low woman on the totem pole at a 24/7 call center. I do technical support, and my work never ends - people are always breaking their stuff.
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I hate the way that my company keeps changing the requirements. As of last week, they changed the sales quotas, so that almost NOBODY will be eligible for their bonus$$. I have been switched into a job, where I have very little chance, to make bonus $$, despite being exempt from the quotas.

The computer systems are constantly crashing, the server is inadequate, for the number of peole logged onto it, making it difficult to do my job.

Lastly, I hate dealing with rude, nasty, ignorant customers, who think that I can wave a magic wand and make their phone bills $10 per month.
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I like lots about my job. I don't like when I get refferals for people that shouldn't be there and thier counselors know it! My student's should be close to being 'job ready' not trying to get their conditions under control. How am I supposed to help them that way!?!
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I dislike working with the undereducated idiots that pass themselves off as professionals. I seem to be a threat to some of the folks that have been there a long time due to my strong work ethic. I have a job to get done, so, get out of the way and let me do it. If I hurt your feelings, get over it.
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I hate that the majority are a different race than me (don't get me wrong, I'm not racist at all!!) I have found out hanging out with them so much that my culture is so much different and I don't really fit in at all. My friends at work sometimes say things that offend me when they aren't intending to. My friends come off as kind of rough and that isn't who I am at all. I am working for the state and I was surprised that white people were a major minority. It's really hard to try to fit in because I find I am so much different than everyone else. My friends talk about things I don't find appropriate. I am also having a hard time right now because they tell me how wrong my life is to them and I should change so many things. They kind of attacked me yesterday about how I should run my life and I don't need them to tell me what to do. I am happy with my life. I really don't see the big deal that I am 21 years old and still live at home with my mom. My boyfriend lives here too because we have been together for 4 years and we can't afford to get married yet. We can't really afford a place of our own either. My mom is great about it and even gave us the master bedroom. This works for us right now. But for some reason my friends at work find this sooo strange and appalling.
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I really do like my job for the vast majority, but I don't like the fact that there is NO communication on procedure around her, everybody does the same thing 20 different way most of them wrong and our manager doesn't keep us updated AT ALL, but I do like my job....ok I REALLY like the paycheck
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I hate most things about my job except for the fact that I can get away with going on the internet, and a couple of the people. Everything else I hate. My boss hasn't got a clue, she is so unorganised and loses everything you give her and constantly challenges what you say (basically calling you a liar) and the 2 women I work closely with are absolute witches. They are joined at the hip and have not welcomed me at all and Ive been here a year now, plus there was no training whatsoever and I still feel I havent got a grasp of the job.
Hopefully I'll be out of here soon.
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Ummm...with my job at this point the number of "I don't Likes" outweight the number of "Likes"

Main things: The work is boring and uncreative. I'm being dumb-di-fied...I swear I'm getting dumber by the second (STAY IN SCHOOL AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!!), The owner's son is a Poopyhole, there are some questionable work ethics here, I'm still doing front end support (after doing so for 7 years UGH) and many many more.

Likes: It pays REALLY REALLY well. The bonuses are $$$ and will help with my financial aid when I start up school again this fall.

Otherwise I'm looking for a new job.
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There are a few customers and co workers that make my job miserable. Other than that I love my job. Its pretty easy most of the time!!
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The bad thing about being self employed is if I'm not actually working I'm not getting paid. Not much new work coming in right now-for 6-8 weeks I worked like crazy and now I have to really work and finding jobs.
Plus landscaping in Wisconsin is a seasonal occupation-no doubt about that!!
As I have mentioned before-the physical part has stressed my body in new ways!!
The good things are: the wardrobe-shorts & tank tops, I set my own hours, I spend other people's money on plants instead of my own!! Plus the compliments on what I have done is music to my ears.
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Most of the time I like my job.... except when I have to pee. I am the 1st thing people see when they come into our firm, I have this big beautiful lobby desk, that comes with a chain around my ankle! Someone has to be here at all times, so I can't just get up to pee. And the ones who are supposed to relieve me, when I need it, dodge me like the plague, cause they don't wanna have to answer the phones for 2 minutes.... and I have to eat my lunch at my desk, which is not really a problem for me, cause I get paid for it, but it's bad enough I have to answer the phone in between bites, then these idiots come to my desk and see that I have a mouthful, and that my lunch is right in front of me, and they'll still say, can you get us 10 lunches delivered to the board room? ummm, yeah, sure, let me put my lunch down, so I can order your lunch for the clients you have in the board room when you've known they were coming for how long? jerks!!!

But, I work 8-4 M-F, sit on my patootie and hang out at The Cat Lounge all day long... when I go home, I don't get any phone calls or anything, they all have to wait till I get in the next day... so it's not that bad...
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Geez, everyone has stupid coworkers in some sense of the word, I'm so glad I'm not alone!
My dislikes are: stupid coworkers. the ones who say "you make more there for you should do more". BS, I do just as much if not MORE that's why I get the amount of $$ I do, plus I've been here forever and have gotten raises over the years for that. SO NO I'm not supposed to do YOUR job AND mine. If you want a paycheck, do your job and quit complaining!
Customers that are horrible. They treat restaurant workers like pond scum because we work where we do. Uh,I hate to tell you but I bet I make more $$ then you and I probably have a higher IQ. Stop treating me like I'm stupid because I CHOSE to work here. Not all restaurant workers are stupid, just some.
My manager, mostly because she has no backbone and doesn't know how to follow up if she something is done incorrectly or if someone is consistantly late. She just lets it go over and over until she gets mad and well, whose fault is it that they were late 15 times in the late 5 weeks? You never wrote them up, talked to them or anything and NOW you're upset? HELLO? pick up the clue phone. Or she will tell the crew to talk to me if they want to leave. Hello? you're in charge, why come to me? I'm your asst, not your boss. It just makes her look so bad.
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I hate the fact that they tricked me into working there to do the b*tch work and paying me just above minimum wage by telling me I'd be making decent money and I'd be able to write, edit, etc....
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i hate having only 2 females working on friday and saturday night when all the creepy drunk guys come in and want food we had one last week try to hop the counter it was crazy it really creeps me out .(just realized i have to close friday by myself)
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I hate the pressure. I am in Sales, and I AM NOT A SALESPERSON. So, I can't stand the whole "sell, sell, sell" mentality.

I guess I'm not sleezy enough
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I'm a Certified Master Groomer- cat and dog groomer. I've done this for 34 years and am now working part time as that is all I can stand

The thing I hate most is always being asked to go faster.
I have clients that come quite a distance so they are always in a hurry to get the animal back so they can go home.
So it's "Hurry!" and by the way "last time one of his hairs was half a centimeter too long, could you not do that" or "is an hour long enough?" followed immediately by "he's having his picture taken so it must be perect".

Well the whole reason they come to me in the first place is because I am so meticulous and nitpicky, and that takes time. So every time they say "Must Be Perfect" I reply with "Must Be kidding"

I actually have a sign up next to my table that says:

"You can be crazy.
You can come in on a Saturday.
You can be in a hurry.
But you can't be all three."
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