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Kitten update

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I figured it was time for another update. All of them are doing very well. With 12 kittens in one room, it's a riot!! There's only one kitten who doesn't have a name yet:
Odd Eyed white: Avalanche (Ours)
Chocolate & White Long leg: Excalibur (Ours)
Red Tabby: Peanut (Ours)
Red Tabby & White Long leg: Harley Davidson (going to MA)
Blue Lynx Point: Phoebe (going to MA)
Black & White Long leg: Black beard (going to a couple in CT)
Odd eyed White Long leg: Jasmine (going to couple in CT)
Torbie: Aminda Talitha (going to couple in Michigan)
Blue eyed White: Kaspar (going to Tiggytoes from TCS)
Seal point and white: Sterling (going to PA)
Chocolate and white: still waiting for a name (going to MA)
I would post individual pics, but there's 12 of them, so here's a cute group shot. If you go to our website, we have individual pic of them.
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Oh they are so cute!!!!! And they have such cute names!!! Tiggeytoes is lucky to be getting one!
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MA in this case does not mean me! LOL Cute names Sandie, next time I am stumped I will look you up. What a bundle of energy you have around your home right now! LOL
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What a bunch!! I can see why you're keeping a few of them.
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Sandie wht a great little bunch of fur balls! I bet you are VERY busy with all of them! Talk about a cat house!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Yeah! Another Excalibur. If you are as lucky as I am then he'll be a little snuggle bum!
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Went to your website to check them all out. They are all such little cuties!! You guys are so lucky to have these little ones growing up with you. I'm sure it will be hard to see them go, even to good homes.
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They're just adorable. I've always thought that if my cat had a litter, no matter how many there were, it would be so hard to give any of them away. I would probably end up keeping most of them.
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