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He won't shut UP!!!!

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At the start of summer, I started letting Alex out when I went. I quickly learned what a bad idea that was, because now he won't stop howling. You can hear him outside on the street, on the phone, he drowns out the TV....it's getting totally out of hand. I even started squirting him when it got too much, but I started feeling really bad. Does anyone have any tips to reverse this behavior? (besides letting him out? There's dogs everywhere) I think it's really starting to damage our relationship, and it drives my gramma CRAZY (it's a miracle we live with her...she hates animals). So...?
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Put him in another room and ignore him. Let him know your angry! Just a suggestion!
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that is the reason I never started - I knew I would never have any peace.

Have you tried to redirect his attention, throw him a toy, etc. Then there is the good old stand by reward with treats for being quiet and ignor him/walk away when he howles.
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Not much you can do except ignore him and let the behavior self extinguish. Any attention you give him- whether positive or negative- just reinforces the behavior.

And redirect his attention, like Hell603 said.
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Is he neutered? If not, it isn't helping. If he is, then nevermind. Everyone else gave you fine advice.
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You could try to engage him in some activity when he wants out. He's probably bored and knows how much fun (and dangerous) outside can be. Maybe if he sees how much fun indoors can be also, he won't want out as much.
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I would try playing with him, let him see that he can have just as much fun inside with you as he can outside. Try keeping him busy other then that I don't know what to suggest
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