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radio question of the day: 06/20/06

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Do you drink hi cal or low cal beverages???
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I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi, and I also drink water and iced tea with no sugar so that would make me a lo-cal girl, gotta save on those calories somewhere!
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low cal.
Cannot face 'drinking' 80 cals away!
plenty of water too
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Full Fat for me please!

(unless it's water or squash! )
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Lo Cal - I don't drink much pop, and when I do, its Diet. I drink a lot of water!
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Can't drink diet, I'm allergic to aspartame, Nutrasweet, all that stuff. So full cal for me if I have a Coke, although I mostly just drink seltzer or juice.
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I drink mostly water but I do have a coke or pepsi everyday. And don't give me diet drinks unless its Fresca!
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I'm a diet soda drinker, I find they seem less sweet, if I happen to have a sip of a regular coke or something it's almost sickeningly syropey. I do like fruit juice too.
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I drink only diet drinks .....I save my drink calories for margaritas!! lol
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I drink a mix I suppose, diet and non diet.
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Originally Posted by Sar
Full Fat for me please!

(unless it's water or squash! )
You "drink" squash???????????
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I drink lo cal. I only drink diet pop. I hate regular pop, it tastes to sweet.
I love ice tea and coffee with two sweet and lows thank you! I also drink bottled water. As others have said, gotta save calories somewhere. Mine are for Tootsie rolls!
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I drink a ton of coffee and iced tea. I don't drink any soda (or pop for other parts of the country).
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I try to drink lo-cal.... mostly water for me, but I do enjoy a can of diet soda with lunch. Oh, and my daily cup of java w/sweetener... at home, if I have juice, it's crystal light. If I'm gonna drink my calories it better be worth it, like a caramel frappaccino from Starbucks, or a Margarita!
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I love pepsi so much, but limit myself to one can every weekend. Other than that I drink iced tea or juice...but the juice always has alot of vitamin C in it..

Unfortunately I don't really like water, but I drink it when I go to the gym which is every other day.
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Diet coke when it's soda otherwise it's unsweetened Ice tea or seltzer water with lemon-
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I drink mostly water or unsweetened decaf iced tea. I allow myself a few Diet Cokes a week, though.
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Lo cal. I mostly drink iced water. I usually only have a couple cans of Coke a week.
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hmmm I'm just getting into caring about calories and such but I am trying to break the habbit of drinking full cal drinks such as pop and if I do I try to drink fresca or coke zero instead and then I cut out all juices and I'm trying to drink more water than anything and one cup of milk a day. I want to set a good example for my son.
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I love diet pepper or something like diet vanilla pepsi, but here lately I have been *naughty* I love lemon water or lime water as well.
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I drink high cal sometimes but mostely coke and sprite zero
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I mostly drink diet or if I have something sweetend myself I use splenda.
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I put myself on a low sweet diet (I'm a junkfood junkie!) I haven't had a cola in 3 weeks! Only gatorade, water and a cup of tea in the morning.
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I try to drink lots of water each day, but I love diet coke and skinny cappacinnos. If I have an alcoholic drink it is wine with soda. I have to watch every think I eat and drink as I am overweight and dont want to get any bigger.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
You "drink" squash???????????

I did a double take too after reading that, then I remembered I think that's what they call punch or cordial?

I never drink diet pop. eewww with the aspartame! Pepsi is one of my vices, I ususally have a rum & coke with dinner. Otherwise, I don't drink pop on it's own.
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I really don't like soda. I stopped drinking it about 7 years ago when I was in high school and now it just tastes too gross to think about! All I ever really drink is water and hot tea. And of course the ocassional alcoholic beverage!
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