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Just a Couple of Question...

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Ok, I've posted here before and gotten great advice, so I came back to try again. I have recently reconciled with my husband and started a new job. We moved into a new apt and so far Akasha, my 'little' girl has adjusted well. We've been there about 2 weeks and my husband is talking about getting another cat. My past posts have been about Akasha beating the hell outta my other girl, whom I had to give up. (She found a new home and is the only cat, she's much happier) But on the other hand, Akasha got along with my roommates kitten, so I'm not sure if getting a new cat is such a good idea. We just moved, she's still getting use to the the apt. and I'm not sure she would take to another cat. Any thoughts?
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What were the differences between your cat who you had to rehome and your roommate's cat. If it was actually a kitten, most adult cats will view a kitten as less threatening to their territory,etc, so that may have been part of it-- but it does not guarantee that they'll get along any better once the kitten is all grown up. What were their genders, are they all spayed/neutered?

I wouldn't want to risk having the same problem again with Akasha being hyper-dominant, but if you are willing to put in the effort most cats can be taught to coexist peacefully.
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Jade wasn't so keen on Isis at first and they have their tiffs but they get along. Jade was older and Isis a small 5 wk old kitten. My suggestion is make sure the introduction is gradually done and make sure play time is supervised! But wait untill you've settled into the new apartment. All the stress could bring alot of unwanted health, and behavioral problems. Good Luck!
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The only difference between my rehomed kittie and my roomies, was that my roomies was only about 8 weeks old when we got her, and the other one was maybe about 7 months. I was never sure whether or not the older one was fixed, though she never went into heat in the seven months I had her. We got the kitten fixed and Akasha ignored her for two days after she came home. Other than that, I think it was all my fault. I took my new girl into Akasha's safe spot, throwing her all off. They were all girls. The new kitten I am looking at getting is a male. The woman took in a stray that actually walked into her bar and stayed and she was pregnant. Two out of the three kittens have homes, the little boy was suppose to go, but is still there. She can only afford the one and is going to take the boy to the local shelter. (side note, the shelter only keeps animals for a week and then.....) I was just hoping that giving Akasha someone to play with will make her less anxious when my husband and I leave for work.
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Read through as many of the threads you can find here about introducing cats and see if you can figure it out.
If so, I say save this boy from his death and give yourself and your cat a new family member.

And get a Feliway plug-in.
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