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poor kitties.....

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ok, so here's the story. my mom's friend had 4 cats. 3 female and 1 male. well, one of the cats had a litter of 4,(1 female, 3 male) luckily, I got to keep one. then, just a few weeks later, her other cat had 3 kittens. then the daddy got scared one day or saw something outside and "ran thru a broken window" and got his back leg hurt really bad, so she had to give him to a no-kill clinic, because she couldn't afford the sugery he would need. well, the problem here is, the 3 older kitties, she never plays with them at all!! they are not social at all!! (mine is tho!) she seriously needs to get rid of them now. they're all 11 weeks old, and she can't even afford her 3 adult cats! they've NEVER seen a vet, and they're all really skinny, etc. and now, I just found out just she's planning on keeping the 3 older kitties, (and probably the younger ones too!) but A,it's against the law to have that many cats B) she cant afford them, and C) these cats will never find good homes! if she decides she has to get rid of them, later on, the shelter os going to have tp put them down, becuz they are not social at all!

I REALLY want to help the 3 little ones, but I don't know how!! got any ideas?
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What your trying to do sounds very kind. You obviously have a big love for animals and care very much what happens to them. Im sorry I cant advise you of what to do. Have you tried talking to your mum and explaining how worried you are ?

Emma x x
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Maybe you can call animal control and see if they can do anything about it? Or why don't you just talk to your mom and see if she can talk to her friend about the situation and how you feel that though she has good intentions, she obviously can't care for her pets.
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I would call animal control, but my mom and I are the only ones who knows shes has that many cats, and so she'll know we told on her.....and I tried telling my mom, and she said maybe for the other three, my friend and I could ask people in my neighborhood if they want a kitten....but I'm not sure if she'll agree to that....she's a ......complicated person....lol
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