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The daily thread 6/20/2006

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Another sunny nice day in Wisconsin. However it has hardly rained at all this month and we sure could use some rain. I watered veg garden and some flowers for 30 min this am.
Started another new perennial garden last night. Behind DH workshop. I big hosta garden. I moved 25 (some of them quite big) plants in already. Will try to get a few move in today and post when done.
Well I rested my arm for most of day but should ice it this am. Didn't do anything I really wanted to so yesterday so I have to get out some invoices, renew my ad, work on one flower design for sure.
This afternoon visit a client to take some pictures and measurements, drop off wedding ring to get inspected and then at 5:30 meeting some of my ex-coworkers for drinks and dinner.
Have a good day!!!
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Hopefully today won't be as hectic as yesterday was!! No computer problems as of yet. I wasn't able to get on my computer most of the day as others were using it. But now I am caught up on my work and can relax a little. I didn't sleep well last night. My back is sore and my arm is too from bowling I guess. Then when I finally did fall asleep Lee would roll over and elbow me in the process. I suppose I will have a short nap when I get home.
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Originally Posted by GailC
Another sunny nice day in Wisconsin. However it has hardly rained at all this month and we sure could use some rain.

Yeah, it hasn't rained here in alabama for about 2 weeks now...we need the rain.
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Strange weather here today! We have moments of sun, moments of rain and the rest of the time it's pretty overcast!

A day infront of the computers again today - luckily I enjoy it! I have to do some cleaning and tidying later and plan to take the cats for 'walkies' all being well that we can catch a dry patch!

Have a great day everyone!
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No rain in Wisconsin Gail???? I'd be happy to send you ours!!! We have had SO much rain lately. We had like 4 days in a row without it over the weekend and it was like heaven!

Today itself is kinda gloomy. No sun at all! I have a ton of emails to get back to at work this morning.... but I worked SO hard yesterday, that I'm slacking off today!

LuckyGirl was up bright and early this morning... with extra bursts of kitten energy surging through her body.... we usually wake up at 7am...her interior alarm went off at 5:30am.... she was darting through the house like, well, like a wild animal...which is what she used to be, but either way... it was a bit obnoxious that early... and she was SO chrirpy & whiny...even after she was fed, she wanted to play worse than anything! Poor little attention starved baby! NOT!
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Good morning!

Finally today I was able to get up early, after weeks of disrupted sleep pattern. Hopefully I'm back on track now.

Today should be a nice day. Not too warm. I'll be at the university all day, studying, working and possibly getting some work done on next year's thesis (I need to draft a research proposal first). I've been kind of lazy (and low on energy) in the last few weeks and I need to get back to work already!

For now, it's breakfast time... French Toasts
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Morning ladies and gents

Its a cooler day today here, which is good..yesterday i could have fried an egg on myself it was so hot!

Just enjoying my coffee, and have a busy day ahead of me, but good busy!

We get to go to this apreciation lunch at East Side Marios today because we kicked butt in our May Pride contest...AND then after work, we are going out for drinks and then to a coworkers place and she has a pool!

Oh yah, and I FOUND A SWIMSUIT!! Those of you who may remember, I have been looking for one for months..I just happened upon one yesterday at Walmart and it was only like $25..It's a little skimpy on the top, and I'm not really one for struttin my stuff, but we'll see how it works out

Anyway, have a great day everyone, I hope you have some fun stuff to do today like I do

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It's cooled off nicely here. Today is looking to be just as hetic as yesterday, but at least I have tomrrow off. I'm really looking foward to it.
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Work, England game, shopping and dinner with the BF planned for today.

I am enjoying the slightly cooler weather
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I'm in a fantastic mood this morning! My boyfriend is coming back today after having been gone for 5 days and just as of a few minutes ago I thought I wasn't going to be able to see him until about 9pm tonight, but I JUST got an email saying that my Counseling Techniques class has been cancelled for tonight! That puts me seeing him a good 3 hours earlier than planned!! How exciting!!!

Other than that I've got to teach an On the Ball class at the gym here in just about an hour, and then I've got to quickly shower and get dressed to make a color appointment at 3:30. I'm a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant so I've got to make it over there with all of my stuff and get to selling some products.

Hope everyonhe has a fantastic day!
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What a day its been already!

I didn't get much sleep due to my horrible cold I have (once again!) and Harley decided he loves sleeping on my legs at night, so of course I tried to sleep so HE was comfortable - cuz I knew once he woke up, he would be up and terrorizing everything, and I didn't want that!

We are supposed to have bad thunderstorms today, so that'll be interesting

Hopefully my headache will go away today and my cold will too!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
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Happy Tuesday All.

On the docket for today is to drop off the UHaul truck at the UHaul depot, pick up some food stuffs for the house and just relax with the kids.

Oh yes and get some cat food and cat litter.

Otherwise it's a beautiful sunshiney day here in the NOVA mountains.

PM me to find out what NOVA means if you don't know.
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Hi all! It's rainy here and the cats are not happy! The thunder is scaring Isis who usually doesn't care one way or the other, I was stunned when she RAN off the porch and hid under the bed after hearing the thunder! Poor thing! Luna is the same way. She hates thunder and any other loud noise. If we argue, she will run to the basement, the other cats just sit there. I think it comes from them both being former feral cats. Certain things just make them very nervous.
Today is a good day. Our renter is moving out as of the 22. He started out well, but then just went downhill from there, always late on the rent, (or just not giving us any)so we finally told him that he either paid us within a certain time, or to find a new place to live. I got ahold of him yesterday and he said he didn't have the money for the rent so he was moving out. I informed him that the locks were going to be changed on the 22 and I needed his stuff to be out by then.
Now we need to repair the damage that he did and go from there. I hope that Brad helps me with it. He's not to motiviated when it comes to things like that. Heck our kitchen is STILL not done and it's been 5 years in the process. I know he can do it though, he redid a room in a day so all I need is for him to say, let's work on the kitchen and I'm there! But that's sadly a pipedream that'll never happen. Oh well I still have my good day!!!!!
Have a great day everyone!
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Afternoon everyone

Today is a lazy day for me. It's raining again! Thankfully I like rain.

Today I have to phone up places that are for rent and get some details, then I have to clean and clean and clean and then tonight, We'll probably have to go look at some places. I hate moving. I was planning on living here for 3 years and I've only been here for 7 months.

I hope everyone has a great and productive day!
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