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just wondering if you knew that vbulletin is coming out with vb 3.6 pretty soon? the vbulletin website is already running 3.6 beta, and the full 3.6 will probably be out in a couple weeks if all goes well. i'm running 3.6 on a test site and it's really cool-it gives you a place to upload a signature pic, like the way you can upload an avatar now, and you (as an admin) can also specify size and dimensions of sigs, as well as how much text can be in the sig-so no more having to tell ppl their sig is too big!

the best new feature in 3.6 tho, is multi quote. most ppl when answering threads sometimes want to quote more than one person in a thread..there's no easy way to do it in 3.5, but in 3.6 there's something called multi-quote, where you just click the multiquote button on each post you want to quote-then when you hit the reply button, there they are, all quoted for you already

there's other great features too. sorry if i'm telling you something you already know, but as a webmaster/forum admin i'm really excited about 3.6, and was wondering if you had plans to upgrade to it when it comes out