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Formally introduce myself

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Hi everyone!
After having posted in the "behavior" forum and having received so much support and advice, I believe, I will most probably become a "regular" now. This site is just great.

First of all, I thought I'd take the time and tell you a little bit about my family and "Whiskers".

I am a 35 yr old married mother of 2 (actually, 4 if you count the husband & Whiskers!). We took Whiskers in quite a few years ago. She showed up in a friend's basement (who already had 2 cats). Our friends called us and we decided to see if we were good "pet parents".

We had previously owned a puppy 6 months before and the experience did not end well. We are very cautious people and do not really believe in animals running loose but one night, while my husband was outside with Snoopy, he decided he'd let him run loose in our own back yard for a few minutes. It was midnight and there was no harm in it plus....we live in a small town of maybe 250 people so the chances of anything happening are slim to none. Anyways, Snoopy, who was not used to roaming free just went crazy and took a run after a car that was passing. He was hit and died instantly and the driver continued on without stopping. All in all, it was devestating.

Having a chance to have another pet was not something I jumped at right away but, after I went to visit her and saw what a beutiful cat she was, I was hooked. She came home with me and has been a joy to have around. Funny thing is that I am allergic to cats and yet with her, I'm okay. Some days are worse but other times, not a thing. Whiskers has never been a problem. She seems to know that she can not cuddle as much with me as she'd like to because of my allergies so she'll meow and rub up against my legs and then jump on my husbands lap. As for the boys (3 & 7), she loves to hide and tackle the oldest one when he turns corners. She always succeeds in scaring him and getting him to scream at least once a day. My 3 year old, she's a little bit more cautius with him because he a little bit more devilish and may strike back at her if she attempts anything.

This latest scare was just that "a scare" (I'm hoping that's what the vet tells me monday) and it was wonderful to communicate it amongst you all. I had no idea what was going on and to be honest, this time last week, the only thought going through my mind was "have her put to sleep". Plus: I had decided to never own a pet ever again. Tonight, she is curled up at the foot of our bed sleeping peacefully and will never know how close she came to not being there. I am so thankful that I kept waiting "one more day" and that I was led to this forum somehow. This is one case when the "never give up" had a happy ending.

On another note, I am a little bit astounded at the location of everyone. Here I am, in this little town of Apple Hill in Ontario and most of you are from thousands of miles away (I think the closest I've noticed is Toronto). Technology just amazes me.

For all who are interested, my name is a very french name that even people around here have great difficulty with. I've been re-named by many friends who have settled on calling me "G." Much easier!!!

And for those who haven't noticed.....I love to write. Hopefully I will be able to contribute something back to this site. My knowledge on cat's is not huge but we just never know when we can be of some help.

Hoping to keep communicating. In the meantime, I have so much reading to do! I am reading one forum at a time.

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Hi G~

And welcome! Your story about the dog gave me the chills, but I am happy that Whiskers ahs found a home.

I, too, have cat allergies, but my own don't bother me a bit! I read somewhere recently that a person can actually become desensitized to the allergens from his own animal. Sounds as good of an explanation to me! At any rate, don't wait until you're done reading to start posting. We'll never see you!
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Dear G. I too feel terrible for Snoopy, and I know that must have been a dreadful experience. I'm glad Whiskers has recovered. Cats are so sensitive to anything toxic! Welcome to the CatSite. I'm glad you have found us. It's like an international group of friends, isn't it?
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Thank you Jeanie and Deb for the welcome and kind thoughts regarding Snoopy. Not a pleasant experience but one that has taught me much about how quickly things can happen. You learn to try to be more cautious in the future.

I am actually looking forward to logging onto my computer since I've found you guys. It is something nice to look forward to. I do promise not "talk" endlessly as I have in my past postings. Guess I had quite a lot to say!

People look at me very strangely when I say I'm allergic to cats but can somehow still own one and not suffer too much. Glad to know that I am not the only one Deb! My allergies do bother me if she stays around me for a long period of time and I have been told by my doctor to make sure I do not let her sleep in bed with me.

On another note: she is completely back to herself after our little scare. Bizarre....almost seems like nothing happened.
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WELCOME TO THE CLUB Ghislaine !!!!!!!!!!!!
we love talkers here !!!!
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Another warm welcome! I'm so happy to hear that Whiskers made it through her ordeal. And I'm so sorry about Snoopy. That had to be just heartbreaking.

I'm another one who is allergic to animals. I grew up with dogs and now have my two wonderful babies. There must be some truth to what Deb said - I have really never had much trouble with the dogs and cats I live with, but take me to someone else's house with pets and I am miserable! One helpful thing, if your Dr. can prescribe it, Zyrtec is an absolute godsend! Best allergy med I have ever tried.
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