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Update on Wiggins night problem

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Hello again everyone i just thought i would give everyone a update on the problem Me and my SO have been having with Wiggins our White and Orange, 9 month old, Male; Tabby. Just a recap my SO has never owned a Cat and when we first got wiggins he was experiencing itchy eyes, he found it hard to swallow and all that good stuff. After a quick call to the doctor it turns out he has allergies to cat dander (who knew....) So we decided not to allow Wiggins into the bedroom thus giving SO a safe haven where cat dander would be at a minimum. Wiggins didnt really like the idea of being locked out of this room and ever night he would cry and paw at the door. My SO is only home on weekends so it was left to me to keep Wiggins out of the bedroom and to not go crazy do to the lack of sleep he was causing me. So i locked him in the bathroom but in a two bedroom condo the bathroom is not to far from the bedroom door so i could still hear him. So i decided to lock him in the Atrium and that had seemed to do the trick..

Some had recommened putting a vaccuum cleaner outside the bedroom door and whenever he scratched and meowed at the door to plug it in. So after awhile of leaving him in the atrium at night i felt bad for him so i decided to try this idea out and i have to say whoever recommened it is a GOD in my books. Best solution ever after the first night he never scratched or meowed at the door again.

Now that the hot summer nights are here it is very hard to sleep with the door close and the way the AC is situated in the apartment the bedroom doesnt cool down all that well (we have two of the hotel heater/ac units. One in the spare bedroom and one in the living room) so we decided that we had to have the bedroom door open to get it to cool down. So by doing that the cat had free rein of the bedroom. I came up with the crazy idea that maybe if we bathed Wiggins on a regualr occasion and brushed him daily he wouldnt be spreading a ton of dander. And i have to say i bathe him once a week and i am so surprised because he LOVES it he jumps around and plays the only thing he doesnt like is getting soaped up but he will stand there and suffer through it. the allergies havent seemed to be a issue and Wiggins loves being able to sleep with us. So i think we are going to continue doing what we are doing with him now and see how things turn out. Well thats everything i guess.

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This is Wiggins when we first got him checking out his new digs

Checking out the view

Just another average night at home

Dont mind the big fat guy in the pic
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Hi, so glad you found an answer - he's really cute! Can I suggest one thing though - find out from the vet, or a pet grooming place, what shampoo would be 'right', because as it is now, that cat's getting scoured of the oils he needs for his coat (not just cosmetic) and I'm sure there's a cat shampoo specially made to be easier on him (but not necessarily one for dogs) than whatever you're using now, and there may even be one specially made for using when allergic humans are around. Your SO sounds like he might have adapted though, which is great.
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