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Does my cat think Im a baby?

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SO last night I was in bed and was experimenting with making little meeping noises to see what the cats would do. (yeah when your hubby is out of town I bet you do weird things too LOL)
Well mommy cat Chou Chou (we only let her be a mommy one time) comes flying up onto the bed and sniffs me all over and the promptly GRABS MY NOSE and tries to drag me OFF. OMG it hurt. Hurt! LOL
Did she think I was a baby in distress?
I guess I will never do THAT again ROFL OUCH!
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i dont think she thought that ill explain why....with all 3 of my cats and especially when my hubby makes a certain noise that irritates them they will bite his nose!! its funny really but its almost liek they are saying enough!
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I agree with hayleym72. She probrobly just wanted you to stop. A funny story along the same lines- We had a cat Ziggy. He hated the sound of this harmonica we had as kids. He was usually a nonagressive cat, but when you started playing this thing, he went crazy! Attacking your feet and legs. I know it's wrong, but me and my sister thought it was funny, so sometimes we'd just do it to see him react.
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I think you're both wrong! LOL! sorry!
She is very maternal and before she grabbed my nose she grabbed her 10 month old son by the shoulder and tried to drag him away thinking it was him.
She was just the best mom I've even seen in a cat, so I think she was just worried or alarmed that I wasn't ok.
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hehe ya I think she just wanted you to quit it too. Cats do stuff like that when they are annoyed and it sounds like that is what happened!
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Well I am not too sure I agree with the three of you. I remember when my cat Angel was pregnant, I would make crying noises like a kitten, she always went for my cheeks and tried to drag me. lol it was funny, I don't understand her motive for that but I thought it was cute.
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I don't understand why people ask questions if they think they already know the answer...??

I think it could be anything. They are a different species so we can't know vague behaviours with certainty.
I don't think mama cats drag their kittens by the face but I guess it could be that. My instinct though, also tells me that it was to give a sharp correction for making the noise...which is really common in cats.

One of mine is always telling me to quiet by lightly putting his teeth on me (he doesn't bite down ever anymore). He also tells me to start doing something or continue something (like petting) by patting my cheek softly.

They are funny creatures.

(I am glad that your cat is now fixed )
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Another vote for trying to tell you to be quiet. Pudge gently "fake-bites" me when I do things she dislikes as well.
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