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The "What's Your Favorite" Game!

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i wanted to make a game too! ok so here is how it goes:

i'll say something like What is your favorite animal? then some one would reply with their answer then they would ask a fovorite.

What is your favorite animal?
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would you believe gophers?

What's your favourite cartoon?
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I like really old black and white Disney cartoons. If I had to choose one that is airing now, I would choose Tutenstein which comes on Saturday morning in the US.

What's your favorite flower?
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I love Lillies and Daisies!

Which is your favourite book?
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Island of the Blue Dolphins

what's your favorite color?
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That's a hard one, but I will choose blue!

What's your favorite veggie?
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mmmm corn on the cob....

What's your favorite season?
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Spring -I love the rain and flowers!

What's your favorite holiday? (not vacation)
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What's your favorite song?
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Originally Posted by lucat

What's your favorite song?

Weathered by Creed.

What is your favorite music group/artist?
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of all time it would have to be Marvin Gaye

what's your favorite car?
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The one I have now! My 2005 Grand Prix, I've always wanted one, and now I do!

Whats your favorite brand of clothing?
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American Apparel. Their shirts fit my frame.

What is your favorite movie?
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The notebook

What is your favorite book?
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Any book in the Cirqe du Freak Series. too bad he is writing the last book

WHere is your favorite place in the world?
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The beach and the mountains (I pick two cause it's an even split).

What is your favorite relaxation technique?
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Kicking off my heels, putting on some pj's, and jumping in the bed and falling asleep to my Mazzy Star cd!

What's your favorite candle scent???
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Don't like and candle scents because of allergies.

Who was your favorite movie star and what movie were they in.
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Drew Barrymore only in Poison Ivy
Whats your favorite store to shop at?
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What is your favorite childhood board game?
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Scattergories! I absolutely love that game!!!!

what is your favorite sport?
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I guess if I have to choose one Baseball.

What's your favorite type of weather?
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rainy! I think I should move to Seattle

what is your favorite cracker?
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Wheat Thins

What's your favorite flavour of yogurt?
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fat free boston creame pie

What is your favorite type or soda?
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Diet Pepsi, hands down, although I do like orange soda too, but it gives me a tummy ache so I don't drink it very often

What is your favorite disney movie?
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either Beauty and the Beast or Pocahontus (SP?)

Who is your favorite Disney princess?
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Aerial from the Little mermaid

What is your favorite disney prince?
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the prince from Sleeping Beauty

Who is your favorite Disney villain??
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What's your favorite aspect of cats?
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