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Your internet connection

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Just cuz im kinda curious...

what kind of internet connection do you have??
Dial up
or broadband
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I have DSL

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Sandie and I use DSL Through SBC. It comes into the house via the phone, then to a DSL modem, then to a Lynksys router and from there to as many copmputers that I can hook up. Alas, due to the very old phone lines in this house the connection speed could be better. When we buy a house it must have DSL or cable, and of course I'll run all brand new lines.
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I have DSL.
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Another DSL user here.
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After a very long year of suffering through the nightmares of dial-up, I just got my cable modem back. My subdivision just upgraded to a decent cable company that has cable available for the internet. Believe me, I already had the joy of a cable modem at my old apartment, and when I heard about the antiquated system where I was buying my house, I almost considered backing out of the deal.
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Cable here as well
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woohooooo DSL user here
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Count me in as dial up. I think that's all I can get here. Not sure what DSL is? I don't have too many problems with it...but it can be a bit slow.
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Dial-up here too. They are just now installing the hubs for Cable Internet, so when I move to my bigger house in Sept. I'll get it then. I HATE dail-up, it takes me at least 30 mins to get a darn mp3
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Here at home I have dial-up. Luckily, at work, I have a fiber-optic network. That's why I do most of my surfing at work!
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We have cable modem (Cox).
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Cable ROCKS! The cable company here offers money back to anyone not satisfied after 30 days. I bet they never give any back.
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Well, so far I'm the lone Satellite hookup. In all actuality at WORK we have the Satellite hookup, but since I like it better than this dialup we've got at home, I chose that. (I'm on the computer at work more than this one at home, anyway!)
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I'm a dial-up user here. I absolutely hate it too, but my boyfriend and I refuse to go with cable because of the company. Rogers Cable is not a good company. They've screwed us around with our t.v. cable enough for us to say NO to cable!
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Dial-up here - and due to move to ADSL in about a month. Anyone use it in the UK and have any reports about it (I know that it is hideously expensive)?
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I have cable at work and at home. Unfortunately, here in Denver it is the choice between two evils - AT&T for cable or Qwest for DSL (there are other DSL providers but they have to use Qwest's network). Of course, until we get a T1 directly into the house, hubby won't be happy!
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Cable here! At our old apartment we had cable and DSL b/c hubby was such a computer nerd. :LOL:
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